the morning’s over, the day is in full swing

_as seems to be the current trend for the bloggers, I’ve decided to dump the group blogging for my own solo one. I think if everyone was completely like minded, or were 100% comfortable with each others opinions and/or viewpoints and weren’t unconsciously afraid to dissent or offend, group blogs could totally work. But I don’t feel that that’s how the last ones worked. I know that’s kept me from writing more on the group blogs than I intended to. I wouldn’t be surprised if others were in the same boat. Or maybe we all were more excited about the prospect of writing up until we realized that writing is kind of like work? I dunno. It’s hard to say where the excitement went, but both times, there was a bunch of it at the start only to see it quickly die down. Anyways, no blame is to be directed at anybody. Life goes on, as they say, so I view this as a kind of moving on. I’ve found myself recently longing to venture off on my own in life, so I suppose this can be like a symbolic move towards that. I hardly forsake my comrades, I simply must journey on my own now~

_All that said…s’up? This is, hopefully, the last relocation of me. Seeing how I am supreme ruler of this domain, I can’t see myself uprooting my blog-stump again. At worst, I can just blow this blog up with new themes and names and whatnot. The creeping thoughts of “Will my other blog-mates care about this?” will never again shackle these fingers. So…I welcome you to the hydra’s den. Don’t take my fucking fleece.


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