The Fifty Day Movie Challenge – Days 21 – 25

_A lot of people use Netflix to watch TV shows. It makes sense. Instead of having a specific time of a specific day of the week be the exact time one sits down to watch a TV show, you can instead watch however many episodes you’d like whenever you have the time to do so. “I’ve got plans to go somewhere in an hour, which isn’t enough time to watch a movie…but is enough to watch an episode or two of some show!” It makes sense. However…I’d been watching more TV than movies for years when I first got Netflix. It was simply a matter of Content/Money. For $10-$20, I could get a single 90-120 minute movie on DVD, or for $15-$30, I could get a season of some TV show on DVD that totals out to somewhere around 400+ minutes of show? The choice always seemed simple to me. But once I got Netflix…I was playing the same amount for both! So…I now find myself watching a bunch of movies. It’s been fun. I feel like I’m playing catch-up =P

_Day 21 [A movie that most fans and critics loved (but you hated)] – There Will Be Blood

OK, I didn’t HATE this movie, but I didn’t like it which I think is the general idea of this category.

There are plenty of movies I’ve seen that I have watched and appreciated as a film. I could recognize it as a well made movie…despite not enjoying it. There Will Be Blood is one such film. Daniel Day Lewis is incapable of giving a poor performance in a film. Paul Thomas Anderson is a wonderful director. The movie is well done…I just didn’t enjoy it. The main character, Daniel Plainview, is just…such an ass. Watching the movie put me in a perpetual state of D: throughout. Sure, the milkshake scene is humorous out of context, but when seeing it at the end of the film…it’s just another D: moment.

Sure…Plainview isn’t SUPPOSED to be a likeable character. And he’s not likeable. So in that sense, they hit the nail on the head. I can, and do, recognize TWBB as an excellently made film…but the content itself is just not to my liking at all.

_Day 22 [A movie that most fans and critics hated (but you loved)] – The Cable Guy

When this movie came out, Jim Carrey’s last five movies were, in order – Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; The Mask; Dumb and Dumber; Batman Forever; Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Test of time aside, those were 5 huge movies, all featuring lovable, over the top performances by Carrey. Then comes The Cable Guy, where he plays the titular cable guy, a serial stalker who forces his way into Matthew Broderick’s life and very creepily turns all of his family and friends against him after being rejected by him. The film has a much darker tone than anybody was expecting at the time, based on Carrey’s most recent work. I remember kids at school hating the movie, as they were expecting more Carrey silliness as opposed to the dark comedy the film had.

While the movie is admittedly disjointed in many parts, there are simply too many memorable scenes for me to not love this film. The basketball sequence, porno password, Somebody to Love karaoke, the demon Carrey dream sequence, and of course, Medieval Times. I can’t help but love this movie despite any negative opinions anybody might have regarding it.

_Day 23 [A movie you think is critically or commercially overrated] – 300

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed 300 for what it was. But people were running around when this came out saying this was the best movie they’d ever seen. Wow. Really? Yeah. I don’t think I’d have thought this was the best movie I’d ever seen even if I was still a teen.

_Day 24 [The most beautiful movie you’ve ever seen] – House of Flying Daggers

I had a hard time deciding this…I wasn’t sure if they’re asking for just a “beautiful overall movie” or if they mean “beautiful visual movie.” So I was confused for a bit, but once I made my choice, I realized that it didn’t matter. House of Flying Daggers was just a stunning movie. It’s been years since I watched it, but I can still visualize the scenes, the colors, the scenery…it’s a sight to behold.

_Day 25 [The best-scripted movie you’ve ever seen] – Pulp Fiction

After Pulp Fiction, it became cool to have a movie run out-of-sequence. Most of the time it was there just for shits. “It was original when Tarantino did it, let’s be original too!” But Pulp Fiction wasn’t out of sequence just to be out of sequence. It made SENSE out of sequence. Hell, the movie actually works both in chronological order and out of sequence. That’s not something that just happens, that’s the strength of the script.

…to say nothing else of all of the other merits of the movie. Of which there are many.


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