The Fifty Day Movie Challenge – Days 26 – 30

_Here in Vegas, going to the movies is a bit different than going to the movies anywhere else in the country. Back in 1994, a new local casino [Local casinos are basically any casino that is not located on the Strip or Downtown. Basically, the place Vegas natives will go to because going to the Strip or downtown sucks and we all try to avoid it lol]. The new place was Boulder Station, and they has this crazy ridiculous idea…to bring in people locals that normally would never go into a casino by having a 12 screen movie theater. And it worked. Ridiculously well, in fact. A decade later, there weren’t any actual standalone movie theaters in Vegas left. While the casino movie theaters didn’t have the awesome atmosphere that the old Cinedome 8 had with its domed theaters, or the old Red Rock Theater in the classic red brick building that has since been torn down [That pisses me off. Vegas basically has no preservation society. Nobody that lives here cares about our city having any character outside of Las Vegas Blvd lol]. But what they DID have was owners with a shit-ton of money to make sure the place was always in really nice condition, because they owned fucking casinos.

_Now, the general experience is pretty much the same as normal movie theaters, only to get there, you park in the parking garage and walk through all of the slot machines and past all of the card tables and shit. In the past couple years, a few actual stand-alone movie theaters have opened up around town. They’re really nice places, because they have to be to compete. But not having the walk through a casino to go to the movies was actually really weird. I hadn’t done it in almost 10 years lol. It’s pretty nice. Casino theaters are just one of the things that Vegas locals don’t even bat an eyelash at, but when I think about it, it’s really fucking weird.

_Day 26 [The most embarrassing movie in your personal collection] – The Phantom

I feel like this is a trick question. Even the awful movies I own, I have no embarrassment in owning. I’m not embarrassed to own a Creed album. That said…the movie that I would guess would get the most “You own THAT?” from a random 100’s passers by that were inexplicably walking through my room and looking at my DVD collection would probably be The Phantom, starring Billy Zane of Zoolander fame.

And that’s only because they wouldn’t know enough to ask why I own Gymkata or Solo.

_Day 27 [An iconic movie that you still haven’t seen] – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I really haven’t seen many westerns. Unforgiven is the only Eastwood western I’ve seen. I’ve never seen any movie starring John Wayne. It’s not that I dislike the genre. It’s just something I’ve never really watched much of.

_Day 28 [A movie you REFUSE to see] – Requiem For a Dream

On top of knowing the movie is about as depressing as a rolled over school bus, I went over my boyhood crush on Jennifer Connelly earlier. I know what happens in this movie, and no way am I ever gonna see that happen to the pretty girl from Labyrinth!

_Day 29 [The one movie you think everyone should see] – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

When I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the first time, it was on Netflix instant streaming. After it finished, I left the house to buy it on DVD.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a man undergoing a procedure to erase all of the memories of his ex. THINGS happen, and he realizes that while painful, he’d rather have the memories of her than nothing at all. I re-evaluated my entire being after seeing this film. I’ve often looked back at my life, wishing any multitude of things had not happened or had turned out differently. This film is a reminder than everything that has ever happened to all of us, important or meaningless, big or small, shapes us into who we are. What are we without our experiences?

_Day 30 [The last movie you saw in theatres] – The Avengers

On a dark Saturday night in May, I embarked on a joyous trip to the local film theatre with my good friend Rajesh Melwani. When we arrived, the place was fucking packed. We sat down to watch Avengers, a film about a rag-tag group of mild mannered super heroes who overcome their personality differences to fight for the greater good. “The greater good” being, specifically, stopping an alien invasion in NYC. It was a righteous romp, to say the least.


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