The Fifty Day Movie Challenge – Days 31 – 35

_I was listening to Tool’s complete Wings for Marie earlier today. It got me thinking about the way computers have altered the musical experience. Simply put, this “hidden track” is unlistenable in the world of physical media. Even if you got two copies of the album listened to them both simultaneously from two different audio sources (As if anybody would do that) the time it would take a physical CD player to skip from track 11 back to track 3 would off-sync so much, it wouldn’t possibly be listenable. Or take Radiohead’s maybe-possibly-probably Ok Computer/In Rainbows playlist, which is really impractical on a home set-up, having all the the flow between the tracks interrupted by CD switching. Or take anything with spectrogram imaging. Basically…what I was thinking about was how all of these things are, for all intents and purposes, made with computers in mind to fully experience them. Is there anyway for that to translate to film? To use modern technology not just for the creation within the medium, but to take advantage of the hardware from the user end. Has it already been done and I’m either forgetting about it/haven’t heard of it?  Just a random thought I had.

_Day 31 [The worst movie you’ve ever seen] – X3: The Last Stand

I was originally going to use this for biggest disappointment, but then realized that that description doesn’t do this…thing…justice for how bad it is. It’s the kind of movie you wish you could forget, but can’t because the stench permeates your brain so profoundly. At least other bad superhero movies I’ve seen were more just painfully dull instead of being outright terrible.

_Day 32 [Favorite sequel] – Toy Story 2

This was a really tough choice between Toy Story 2 and The Dark Knight. But really, there’s no wrong answer between those two. But Toy Story 2 is everything one could ask for from a sequel. Characters get fleshed out, relationships deepen, back-story is explored, it’s still funny as hell, it’s fun for the whole family. There really just aren’t any cons in this movie.

_Day 33 [Favorite remake] – The Thing (1984)

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is the movie equivalent to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen or heard the original versions, all you know is that there is no way they could have be better than the remake/cover. Or…maybe that’s not true. But at least, you don’t have to go out of your way to see/hear the originals. The remakes are good enough. That’s kinder.

_Day 34 [Favorite series] – Back to the Future

I can’t not pick it for my favorite series. Maybe I shouldn’t just for more variety, I mean, that’s the whole reason for the self-imposed “no repeats” rule. But I don’t think I could live with myself if I picked something else. Besides, I really only talked about B2tF 1 as my favorite movie of all time, and haven’t talked about parts 2 or 3 yet. So I can totally play a technical “Not a repeat card” still.

There aren’t many series that span multiple genres across each film, even fewer that do them all effectively. While all B2tF movies are at their core adventure films, the first film is a kind of a teen coming of age/love story, part 2 delves into sci-fi aspects of time travel more than any other entry, and part 3 is a western. Plus all three are very comedic affairs. There are definitely similarities between all 3 films due to it all being the cast, crew and characters, but each film can stand on its own, which is something many series, especially trilogies, fail at doing. Sure, B2tF2 technically ends with a cliffhanger, but the main story revolving around Gray’s Sports Almanac was started and resolved in the same film. Even though they were filming both movies simultaneously, the ending was more of a hook for the upcoming sequel rather than a plot point hanging over the entire film that went unresolved. The two films are still independent. I always try to watch the entire series when I watch any one of the movies, but I can just as easily watch any one of the movies by themselves and be completely satisfied.

_Day 35 [Favorite book-to-screen adaptation] – The Lord of the Rings

This seems like a category tailor made for Rings. There are so many book adaptations that don’t live up to the original story, to have 10+ hours that basically got it right. Even with the stuff that was cut or changed from the book, the movies are so good in their own right that it matters very little. I mean…the books didn’t suddenly disappear from your bookshe-

Wait…I actually did lose my LotR book. Fuck!


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