The Fifty Day Movie Challenge – Days 36 – 40

_Looking back at old movie ratings is simply great. The PG-13 rating didn’t exist before 1984, so tons of movies before that time just have these crazy ratings. Like Poltergeist being rated PG. PG Jaws. Gymkata rated R. It’s great for there to be no middle ground. It reminds me of the video game ratings system. There’s just E for Everyone, T for Teen and M for Mature. Games with anything maybe sexually suggestive is an auto T, or any kind of violence is a T, so everything tends to hang out in those 2 categories. But you look at something like…Space Channel 5. Ulala dances “suggestively” with a mini-skirt and it gets a T. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the tamest game imaginable. That game should be a PG. There needs to be like…a Teen-Lite rating for games like that. Or games like fucking Gradius. Gradius 5 is a T. Really? T? Come the fuck on.

_Day 36 [Most Uncomfortable Date Movie] – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I wouldn’t know! ;-D Actually, that’s a little embarrassing…well, let’s just envision a fake date scenario, then…

“Have you heard about the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? It’s the hotly anticipated film adaptation of a series of best selling mystery novels, directed by David Fincher! I haven’t actually read the books, but how about you and me go check it out?”

*goes to see movie* *graphic rape scenes*

No? Yeah, actually, considering Fincher’s other work, who would use any as a date movie? Eh, I tried.

_Day 37 [A film you could never watch with your parents] – Fight Club

This covers a large territory. There are a lot of movies I don’t think I could watch with my dad for a large multitude of reasons. I know his taste in films often differs from my own and that I would dislike watching a movie with him that he wouldn’t enjoy. Fight Club, one of my all-time favorite movies, would fall under this category. He just wouldn’t enjoy the content or the characters, and I’d just be uncomfortable enjoying it around him.

_Day 38 [Movie world that you would most want to live in] – Superman

Besides the obvious “Because superheroes are awesome” reasoning, I think a big reason why superhero movies have such a broad appeal is that the idea of a kind of immortal super-being existing for the sole purpose of saving one’s life when seriously heavy shit is going down is something everybody can relate to. Sure, when we fall down, we must find the strength to pick ourselves back-up, but when someone has a gun to your face? As the car careens towards you? When the parachute doesn’t open? When your swimming floaties are made of concrete? When you find yourself standing on the fault line? As the spiked ceiling slowly descends upon you? When you’re legit dead? Superman has got your back, saving lives by any means necessary, even if that means defying science and logic by turning back time by flying around the Earth backwards a bunch. Yeah, that’s right, he doesn’t even do the scientifically ludicrous but kind of logical rotate the opposite way, he’s just flies around it the opposite way. Cause he’s that much of a bad ass.

Now, sure, movie version Superman, despite his power to debunk science in every conceivable way, isn’t quite as over powered as his comic counterpart. I mean, come on…comics Superman isn’t even phased by Nuclear Man. But the thought of an indestructible being with super speed plus flight that lives to save people is rather comforting…even if the movie Superman needs to be somewhere in the general vicinity of your mortal danger to be able to know to save you. But some chance is better than no chance, right?

Here’s a question – for the question “what’s the movie world you’d least want to live in?” is there another answer besides Terminator: Salvation? Maybe Brazil? Dark City? The Matrix? Red Dawn? Any alternate history involving Nazi Germany winning in WW2? Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

_Day 39 [Favorite musical] – The Nightmare Before Christmas

As much as I would love to, I can’t really put Interstella 5555 here, since it’s not as much a musical as it is an animated film with no dialog set to Daft Punk’s Discovery. I also was again tempted to pick Purple Rain, but I feel kind of similar to PR as I do Interstella. I feel like…musicals normally have the story told through the music, but Purple Rain has the musical performances as part of the story. Like, in the world of musicals, characters just break out into song on the street and it’s totally normal for random passersby to harmonize with someone they’ve never met and also be professional dancers. But in Purple Rain, he’s in a band and they play songs in concert in the movie, although the songs are kind of loosely tied into the events of the movie, like when he sang about how Apollonia turned on him by claiming she was fingering herself in a hotel lobby, or something to that effect. I feel like it’s just a tad different from an actual honest-to-God musical.

But I will pick an animated feature for this category, as animated film really was the last vestige of the musical medium for the majority of my lifespan. Nightmare just works so well as a musical, it’s hard to imagine the musical scenes being any other way. Jack Skellington singing asking what this strange, new “Christmas” thing was, the folk of Halloween Town making Christmas, Lock, Shock and Barrel embarking on their quest to kidnap Sandy…the musical numbers serve so well as to tone down the creepiness the entire movie would otherwise have. I mean…the movie is still kind of creepy, but imagine 3 delinquent children running off and stuffing a jolly old fat man in a bag, or a town of monsters creating demonic toys to give to kids, or a big bag of bugs threatening death upon Santa Claus, only all of it not told via cheerful songs.

I know, right?

_Day 40 [Favourite Movie Death] – Hans Gruber (Die Hard)

The shot is so famous, there are stories about how Alan Rickman made the face. Great face, great death. It’s also a great excuse to mention Die Hard, one of the best action movies ever made.


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