The Fifty Day Movie Challenge – Days 46 – 50

_I sometimes think on my favorite kinds of movies…favorite books…favorite songs. I find one thing often seems to be prevalent: I like bittersweet. I tend to not like outright sad or depressing, because life is already plenty filled with that. But bittersweet is right up my alley. They’re like…nice things that are just out of reach. Your initial reaction is sadness, because…it’s out of reach. You’d rather have the nice stuff. But then upon further reflection, you realize that the existence of such a beautiful thing is fine. The world is still a better place when it exists, regardless of your having it or not. Like in a bittersweet love story where the couple doesn’t get together in the end. “‘Tis better to have loved and lost” and such. Or when the protagonist’s cherished friend dies. Perhaps he learned something from loss…or maybe the alternative was the main character dying, or not having a friend at all. Sure, in a happy place, he would’ve won the plot AND kept his friend, but if the alternative was no friends throughout the whole movie, isn’t the other choice better? I dunno, maybe I’m just depressing…but somber and bittersweet is always my thing.

_Day 46 [A film you would like to remake] – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

To remake any movie, there has to be a reason to remake it. Maybe the special effects are so dated, it can’t help but now overshadow an otherwise good story. Maybe the idea was sound, but the execution was flawed. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen perfectly fits the bill. Famous characters from famous literary works team up to fight evil characters from famous literary works? Really, how do you screw that up? It should have been bad ass as all hell but…it wasn’t. They really should give it another shot.

_Day 47 [Currently unfilmed book or idea that should be a film] – The Gap Series (Stephen R. Donaldson)

Donaldson has long been my favorite author. Covenant is Tolkien-esque fantasy, to be sure, but also takes from other influences [like C.S. Lewis Narnia series] and has its own extremely dark flair. Everyone is always so ridiculously flawed and always seem to be full of self loathing all of the time, I can see it not being everybody’s cup of tea.

The Gap Cycle is a sci-fi series by Donaldson. The story is a loose sci-fi re-imagining of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle, which in itself is a fantastically wondrous idea. Alien mutations, betrayal, piracy, repeated rape, brain implants with remote controls, bionic cyborgs, massive overarching plot lines…it’s great. I love it.

I’d never really thought of the series as being adaptable though…until I watched Game of Thrones a couple months back. The depth…the subtlety…the focus. It was rather good, to say the least. But Thrones was an eye opening experience. It was like someone saying “We can adapt novels and keep the epic length. That’s totally a thing we can do.” Watching it didn’t make me think of the Gap Cycle in particular, but rather everything I’d ever read and thought “Too complex, not adaptable to the screen.” Thrones said “Yeah, all that stuff, totally adaptable.”

Except House of Leaves. That’s 100% not adaptable lol.

Wait, are we supposed to share a video for unfilmed stuff? How? I call shenanigans!

_Day 48 [Movie Scene That Most Makes You Wince] – “Cut me, Mick” (Rocky)

I’ve always been ok with over the top violence and action and gore. It’s the realistic portrayals of blood that always got under my skin. Like…surgery. Ick.

That’s why this scene from Rocky always makes me shudder a little bit. Ugh…gross…

_Day 49 [A Movie that will always make you think of a special moment] – Galaxy Quest

I didn’t grow up with the original Star Trek series (Which serves more of the basis for Galaxy Quest than TNG) but I did grow up watching The Next Generation on Channel 5 FOX, 9PM on Mondays. 9 PM was bedtime on every other school night, but for TNG, we didn’t even have to ask to stay up. We would all just sit down and watch. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the only show I can remember watching on a regular basis with my dad, mostly because a lot of the other shows I was interested in were cartoons.

Even besides that, Galaxy Quest is about as wonderful a parody/homage to Star Trek as anybody could ask for. But every time I watch it, I’ll always think back on those times me and Jimmy sat on the carpet in the living room, staring up at the TV every Monday.

_Day 50 [Favourite black and white film] – Seven Samurai

I was contemplating making “Half of Pleasantville” my favorite black and white movie, but I think that’s cheating a bit too much for the sake of comedic effect.

Not much to say…it’s one of those critically adored classics that’s easy to enjoy even for non film geeks. The 200 minutes fly by…seriously!

_Well…that’s it. That’s the 50 day movie challenge. It’s been fun! It got me thinking about some movies I haven’t thought about in a long while. It got me rewatching some movies I haven’t seen in a good long while. It got me thinking about old memories I hadn’t thought of in a long time. I hope it gave you a glimpse into the movie tastes of me, one Austin Smith/Hojo. But more so…I hope you enjoyed it!

_Time to write about something else now ;-D

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