Netflix February

_I would love to say that I’m totally dedicated to being more active on writing on this blog. That’d be a lie. I like having it here for whenever the itch to write something comes up. All that being said, I do think it’s been too long since I put up anything new. So here’s something new!

_I’ve had Netflix for more than 2 years now. While I was pretty late to the party of Netflix, I joined up just in time to see Netflix’s instant streaming service morph from a service with countless movies to a more TV-centric service. Not a complaint, cause hell, I watch more TV on Netflix than I do movies. But there are still plenty of movies to watch on the instant streaming service. That is why I’m going to watch some.

_I’ve decided that every day for the month of February, I will watch one motion picture available on Netflix instant stream. I will write a short blurb on each movie I watch as soon as I finish it, along with the movie choice for the following day, so that if anybody wants to watch with me, they’re free to. I don’t have a list or plan as to what I’m going to watch every day, it’s more of a “Wing it and see what happens” kind of thing., so if anybody would like to suggest something available on instant stream, feel free to.

_The first movie will be 1967’s Bedazzled…Friday…be there or be…not there. There’s no obligation. Except from me. To myself. So there’s really not even an obligation from me to anybody. But it’s gonna happen. See ya =)


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  1. I may as well join you since I could easily watch more movies on Netflix.

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