Netflix February_day.01 – BEDAZZLED (1967)

_Welp…here it goes. Day 1. And what a day it was! Well, not quite. That makes it sound like it was a super eventful day in which I did a lot, which isn’t true. I just sat around the house, had something to eat, then watched a movie. And after this, I’ll probably be unproductive again. No matter! Netflix February is upon me.

_This 1st day of February hath brought upon me Bedazzled, a film starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. They’re British and say things like “Blimey” and use derogatory terms like “Git.”

_Moore plays Stanley, a cook in a restaurant who’s secretly in love with Margaret, a waitress. Cook plays the devil. Stanley sells his soul for 7 wishes, all of which he uses to try to win Margaret’s heart, but are craftily corrupted by the devil. Hijinks ensue.

_On the one hand, I think to myself “In a movie about selling one’s soul to the devil, is there a message here?” I’m not sure. Maybe the message is “When you make wishes, make sure you’re specific.” Or “Try to win friends and influence people from being yourself, and not by being magically rich.” On the other hand, it’s a comedy film. So maybe trying to find an underlying message is stupid.

_When I did the 50 day movie challenge last year, I wish I’d seen this movie before. Because in the context of the movie, this scene was pretty hilarious.

_This movie really hinged on the chemistry between Moore and Cook and they work really well together as a duo. But while I haven’t seen the 2000 remake, I can say that, in my opinion, Peter Cook is not quite as attractive as Liz Hurley ;-)

_Come back tomorrow, as I shall experience Tremors. See you then~


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