Netflix February_day.02 – TREMORS (1990)

_One day in, I can already feel my quest for the month sweeping over me, fatiguing me. I wake up, and I know the task I’ve set upon myself. It says “I have dedicated 2-3 hours to watching a movie and then writing something about it with my limited writing ability and non-discerning eye for film. Are you sure you want to do this? There’s no obligation to anybody. Wouldn’t you rather just watch a movie and then do nothing?” I then respond to myself “Obviously. Doing nothing is way easier than doing something. But…fuck you! Stop tempting me with laziness, dick! I’ve only done one fucking movie so far!”

_With the 2nd of the month comes Tremors. Wikipedia tells me that tremors are “an involuntary, somewhat rhythmic, muscle contraction and relaxation involving to and fro movements (oscillations or twitching) of one or more body parts.” However, I know that Tremors is actually a 1990 campy horror film starring Kevin Bacon and Egg Shen with Reba McEntire.

“S’up, bro?”

_Kevin Bacon plays Val, and he and his friend Earl are handymen in a town of about 10 people. They decide they’re tired of their go-nowhere existence and decide to pick up and shuffle over to a new town and make something of themselves. I feel ya, boys, I feel ya. Then a bunch of crazy shit happens. Horror ensues.

_I mentioned yesterday how, while it might have, maybe Bedazzled wasn’t meant to have a deep underlying meaning. Well, I KNOW Tremors doesn’t have a deep underlying meaning. It’s just some sick-ass giant monsters that burrow under the ground and eat people. And sheep. They eat sheep too.

_This brings me back. I remember when lots of movies were just…filmed in some remote ass place, probably for pennies. Tremors is just like…”Let’s go into the desert, run around, film a movie!” Predator, “Hey, let’s go to the fuckin’ jungle, run around, spray fake blood everywhere, shoot a movie.” I should watch more SciFi original movies and series. I think they still make dope movies in the middle of nowhere for nothing but the cost of labor.

_For a horror movie, Tremors is kind of crazy. Sure, it takes a bit for the monsters to show up. But once they do, they pretty much never relent. You know the old horror cliche where people have sex then get killed? Nobody has time to get laid in this movie. It’s just monsters. Nonstop. Just monsters, man.

_Feel free to return tomorrow, as I dive into Richard Ayoade’s Submarine. See you then~


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