Netflix February_day.03 – SUBMARINE (2010)

_I sometimes find myself drifting along, being bent on the whim of others. Sometimes, this is what I desire. I’m often extremely indecisive, and like it when others help me decide on things. But other times, I feel as if I’m whisked along against my will. I’m whisked along by others, but I don’t like confronting people or refusing people. So I find myself often times in situations doing things I don’t want to do for no benefit. Life is hard. And it sucks my asshole.

_And on the 3rd day, Submarine was watched. Right before I started it, I went to go get a submarine sandwich to eat during my viewing. It felt fitting, if for no other reason than the name correlation.

_Submarine is the coming of age story of Welsh youth Oliver Tate. He is young, and over the course of the film, he comes of age, as befitting a coming of age tale. It’s about the things that seem important to you when you’re young, and how while the same things might not be important to you as an adult, that doesn’t make those things any less important at the time of importance. If you can follow that. I think I did OK.

Is that really all it takes to get laid? That seems too easy…colour me skeptical with a u because this movie is British.

_This movie reminds me of my teen years. There are many parts where Oliver is explaining his thought processes, and I remember thinking along very similar lines when I was younger. Man, I hated my teen years. Terrible, terrible period of my life. Thinking back on them provides me nothing but grief. Fuck you, Submarine, for reminding me of it. A fine film, otherwise.

_Tune in tomorrow as action goes big…big RIGS that is! Black Dog with Patrick Swayze! See you~


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