Netflix February_day.04 – BLACK DOG (1998)

_I’ve been thinking about life recently. You know when people say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? I don’t agree with that. What if I want some orange juice? I shouldn’t have to accept something I don’t want just because life dictated it. If that’s how things worked, than I would just accept the flu instead of taking medicine to combat it. Fuck that. Fuck lemons. Actually…I like lemonade. I might go out and get some.

“You saw the dog, didn’t ya?”

“What dog?”

“The black dog.”

“You mean like the Led Zeppelin song?”

“No, Crews knows what I’m talkin’ about, doncha?” [dramatic music starts] “I’ve heard truckers talk about it on the yard. They say it comes when you’ve been on the road too long and pushin’ too hard, when you get greedy. They say it comes to take everything away from ya.”

“…and it did.”

_The 4th day walked in, and with it, a Black Dog. There are some movies where if you were to try to explain them, you could boil down the essential plot elements,  but that wouldn’t tell the whole story. Alien. Amadeus. The Godfather. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Toy Story. Any description of those movies on your digital cable’s guide button wouldn’t do any of those movies justice. Black Dog, however, could essentially be explained in a quick and dirty plot synopsis. Seeing how this is Netflix February and all, let’s copy the Netflix description…

This action yarn stars Patrick Swayze as unlicensed trucker Jack Crews, who’s tricked into transporting a cache of illegal assault weapons. But as soon as Jack hits the road, his boss’s cohort dispatches his henchmen to hijack the payload.

That about sums up Black Dog, except for the description leaving out the fact that country music singer Randy Travis and rock singer Meat Loaf also co-star in this. Considering that description, you wouldn’t expect much. Now, I’m not saying “This movie totally deserves to be seen” or anything, but for what it was, it wasn’t terrible. The truck scenes are actually fairly good. As movies go further and further into CG, I find myself having a better appreciation for actual filmed stunt sequences. There are quite a few scenes here with 18-wheelers ramming into each other, cars driving through dirt and flying into the air Dukes of Hazzard style, big rigs flipping over and exploding, a stunt double that doesn’t even remotely resemble Patrick Swayze hanging off the side of a truck…I can actually say I enjoyed the action sequences, which I was not expecting at all.

…I didn’t mention that after that exchange of dialog in the movie I started this off with, there was then a flashback sequence with Crews, driving hard in the rain and a black dog with fangs and red eyes running straight at his truck. I didn’t forget to mention it, I purposefully left it out to mention here at the end. It felt fitting.

_Join me again tomorrow as I watch the documentary Helvetica. Yes, it’s about the font. See you then~

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