Netflix February_day.05 – HELVETICA (2007)

_I sometimes think about my view of people. I generally regard people in a rather negative light. I sometimes think I should change that. But I also think people should be themselves. Would changing my outlook be a betrayal of who I am? All I have are questions, no answers to be found…

_Take the days, clench them into a fist. 5 days, here comes Helvetica. It is a documentary about the typeface Helvetica and type design. Yup. Helvetica.

_I’m not a designer, but I do love graphic design. It was really interesting seeing just how widespread Helvetica is and how kind of all-encompassing the font is in design. I hadn’t really thought about it before…

I took a design class years ago, and I remember what my professor said. “No black and white. Greyscale is easy, color is hard.” I couldn’t help but feel that way about Helvetica while watching this. Helvetica seems easy. Everybody uses it. It’s funny because it can be used to express anything, but is used so much, it seems kind of soulless.

_It’s hard to say if this would be worth watching if you’re not interested in design. Well…it felt like a good documentary, and good documentaries are usually interesting even if you don’t have any interest in the subject matter, but it’s hard to say how compelling a documentary is when you DO have interest in the subject matter. I liked it, though lol.

_Return tomorrow as we travel to XANADU. Until then~


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