Netflix February_day.07 – BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984)

_A little late, I know. Something came up. I was indisposed. Won’t happen again…unless it does. In which case, some things are more important than making sure a movie gets watched a few hours earlier. S’all good. Let’s do it to it!

_Beverly Hills Cop is a Judge Reinhold star vehicle, co-starring Eddie Murphy. Reinhold plays green Beverly Hills detective Billy Rosewood. He is tasked with tailing Axel Foley (Murphy), a Detroit cop claiming to be on vacation but often turns up in the middle of dangerous situations. Rosewood is a by the book officer, but he’ll need to bend the rules to uncover the case of a lifetime!

_BHC isn’t dated, but you can tell that it’s not a modern movie, mainly because of the handling. If you think about the script, it could easily be a serious cop movie. Foley is shown as kind of a loose cannon detective, he’s visited by a friend who isn’t always on the right side of the law, friend gets killed, Foley is kept from the case due to his personal ties, but then investigates anyways. He digs for clues and ends up uncovering a drug smuggling operation. And even though Murphy plays him as a wise-cracking jokester, Foley does actually go into serious cop mode many times. I think most studios nowadays would want the movie to either be more serious or more comedic.

_It’s really amazing how good BHC is when you think about it. It’s pretty much Eddie Murphy putting the film on his back and going “I got this.” His dialog, the mood he has when playing Foley…it’s perfect. Nothing ever seems forced or silly. Great movie.

_Tune in tomorrow for an even numbered Star Trek movie. Except it’s Nemesis. See you then~


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