Netflix February_day.09 – KAGEMUSHA (1980)

_Number 9…1980’s Kagemusha, a film by the legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. This is onlyyyyyy…the third movie of his I’ve watched, but he definitely has a style: Long and methodical. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you need to know what you’re in store for when you sit down to watch one of his movies. They’re involved affairs.

_Kagemusha is the story of a thief, spared from crucifixion due to his looking near identical to the daimyo (lord, to simplify it) Shingen. They’re so similar looking, that the same actor plays both characters! So…Shingen gets assassinated [spoilers!] and the double ends up taking on the role full-time, so Shingen’s territory doesn’t get taken over once neighboring daimyo like Nobunaga and shit find out the head of the clan is dead.

Even though I know he didn’t, I kinda wish Kurosawa did all of his storyboards in full on canvas painting. Though that makes it sound like he didn’t paint a shitton of stuff for Kagemusha, which he did.

I feel like…to properly talk about epic films like this, I should have some kind of knowledge on film study. Which I don’t have. So all of my thoughts come from the land of dumb, which is cool.

Like I mentioned earlier, Kurosawa’s style…very methodical. The main focus of the movie is mainly about the double trying to become another person, so you’d think that would happen pretty fast…nah, dude. Shingen takes about an hour to die. That’s like if in Lord of the Rings, it took them an hour to leave the Shire and start their quest. Oh wait.

Even though it’s slow by movie standards and I don’t actually understand it, I love the dialog in Kurosawa’s movies. There’s a very smooth feeling to it. One of the reasons his movies are so long is that he never feels the need to rush dialog. Tonnnnnsssss of pausing between lines. Everything feels so…deliberate.

_Sorry, got nothing else. Anything else would just showcase my ignorance as dissecting cinema lol. Come back tomorrow for The Chaperone. See you when I see you~


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