Netflix February_day.10 – THE CHAPERONE (2011)

_Welcome to double digits. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I bring you The Chaperone. The Chaperone is a family comedy about a father who just ended a 7 year stint in prison and wants to reconnect with his family. It’s a lighthearted comedy caper…at least, the cover of the movie would have you believe that.

Look at shit-eating grin Trips has. Look at the guys on top of the bus. Look at his daughter’s face. All of it screams “Welp, what a humdinger of a crazy situation we’ve gotten into!”

Yeah…I know. But…this movie…is weird. This really would’ve been better to watch right after Beverly Hills Cop. Chaperone is at its heart, a family film. Dad messed up, admits to his wrongdoings, trying to make things right, ends up doing it as a chaperone on his estranged daughter’s field trip to New Orleans. BTW, New Orleans for a field trip? Do some schools actually do this? “Hey, you know the city famous for people partying drunk in the streets and exposing themselves during any major holiday? Let’s take a bus full of school kids there.” Do any schools take field trips to Vegas to teach kids about our rich history of mob ties?

Anyways, the reason I bring up BHC is because I mentioned how in BHC, the movie plays it pretty straight. Axel Foley joked around a lot, but nothing super over the top. Even the banana in the tailpipe was an effective way to lose the cops tailing him. It wasn’t like an Ace Ventura type comedy deal. Shockingly enough, despite what the cover of the movie would imply, The Chaperone is done in a similar style. The entire soundtrack is pretty much straight from a drama film. Only one person slips on Mardi Gras beads in the entire movie. Walking On Sunshine never once plays. Helmsley and his daughter reconnect, but it is not done via montage.

I’ll admit…it was incredibly disappointing. While the movie’s terrible-ness is probably lower due to it not being mind numbingly silly, I wanted the movie to be brain meltingly silly! Look at the cover! God dammit, Hunter! Oh well…at least he has a sweet ass beard at the beginning.

_After this, I need a guaranteed cheesy terribad movie tomorrow. So I’m watching Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. It’s directed by McG. No way I’m getting burned on this one. See you tomorrow~


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