Netflix February_day.14 – IP MAN (2008)

_One wonders the point of Valentine’s Day. Is it a day to celebrate one’s union with thine partner? Shouldn’t you do that every day if you love one another? Perhaps that’s just the view point of one who’s never had anybody to spend Valentine’s with. If you have someone special in your life, please make sure they know you care about them no matter what day it is.

_#14 brings us Ip Man. It follows a young man in the business of creative writing. He’s written a couple minor hit novels, and is being touted as the next big thing. On the cusp of his next breakthrough idea, he finds that a superstar writer, known the world over as the IP Man, has just released his newest blockbuster, which just so happens to share many similarities to his own work in progress, too many to simply be a coincidence.

…nah, that’s not the plot at all. I just like the idea of an “Intellectual Property Man.” Ip Man is a semi autobiographical film, loosely based on the life on Yip Man, played by Donnie Yen. Yip Man was a grandmaster in the Wing Chun style of martial arts, and, as the movie posters and movie itself will tell you, was Bruce Lee’s master. The plot focuses on the the Japanese invasion of Foshan in 1937 and how it affected Yip Man and his family. Naturally, as becoming of a martial arts film, he crushes all of Japan by beating the fuck out of them.

OK…so…first parts of the movie. It’s Chinese peeps fighting Chinese peeps. It’s very traditional martial arts. Not wire work, though. Just what you’d come to expect from a Hong Kong film. It’s good, it’s pretty bad ass. Then…the Japanese occupation happens. Then after some plot, suddenly fights get more physical. Like…beating-the-piss-out-of-people-really-harshly physical. The fight scenes are rather bad ass. Although if you have a problem with Japanese people getting the fuck beaten out of them, you might take issue. Whatever, get over it, everybody gets the shit beaten out of them in movies at some point. Except Seagal. His akido is way too strong to have even a tiny shit beaten out of him.

Apparently there’s an Ip Man 2. And Sammo Hung is in it. Hmmmmmm…another time! Another time…

_Come back tomorrow, as I come out to play with The Warriors. See you soon~


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