Netflix February_day.15 – THE WARRIORS (1979)

_Day 15. We’re now past the halfway point. If you’ve come with me all the way thus far, good job. I’ll give you all a pat on the back, which will be easy cause I only have to pat myself on the back, Barry Horowitz style ;-D I’d give me a self-hi5 too, but that would too one too many wrestling references for one…oh wait, there’s no such thing as too many wrestling references.

_Today, we have The Warriors, the story of a New York gang. Called the Warriors. There’s some kind of city wide gang truce going on, and a huge meeting of all of NY’s gangs. Cyrus, the leader of the largest gang in New York, wants all of the gangs to join together to take over the city. Then, a rogue gang, called the Rogues, shoots him and frames the Warriors for it. How do they frame them? Luther, leader of the Rogues just yells “The Warriors! They did it!” And the hunt is on!

The best part of the movie is the intro. We see the Warriors riding the subway train uptown, along with several cuts of soundbites that quickly introduces the character of the gang, and the the events going on. It’s actually quite the excellent intro.

They could’ve called this “Running: The Motion Picture.” The Warriors are constantly running. Running away from the cops, running away from gangs, running just because…TONS of running.

I love how Mercy (the girl) starts following the Warriors and Swan proposes the gang running a train on her. And then at the end of the movie, she’s still with them. Seriously. Within 5 minutes after meeting them, she was propositioned for the entire gang running a train on her and by the end of the night, she’s all “Eh, whatever. It’s a NY gang, it was the heat of the moment.”

I also love how when showing the different gangs in the city, the first two we see other than the Warriors are a gang of black guys in purple suits who all look like pimps followed by a gang of mimes. Awesome. Just great.

_Come back tomorrow, for we’re gonna be Following. See you then~


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