Netflix February_day.16 – FOLLOWING (1998)

_Sweet sixteen, ready to drive. Big man about town, the world is my oyster…unless it’s overseas. Overseas countries are like…the outside of the oyster. And I’m just traveling around on the soft, gooey innards, circling a pearl.

_Today’s movie is Following, a neo-noir film [taking Netflix’s description of it at their word!] by a youthful Christopher Nolan. It follows a young would-be writer who starts following people out of curiosity, then finds himself burgling peoples homes, slowly becoming wrapped in an intricate web of crime and deceit.

Following is closer in style to Nolan’s non-Batman movies than…his Batman movies. It feels much more Memento or Prestige, especially with the out-of-sequence stuff and all of the anti heroes and everything.

…don’t feel like I can talk about much more than that without basically spoiling the entire plot of the movie. So…we’re done today!

_Join me tomorrow at my hacienda for Lone Wolf McQuade. See you then~

Dude…it’s gonna be badass.


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