Netflix February_day.18 – MULHOLLAND DR. (2001)

_Day 18, time to go to a nudie bar. Now that I think about it, I should’ve watched a movie with lots of nudity today. Oh well, still plenty of time for that later. Today, we have Mulholland Dr., a film from David Lynch. I’ve never seen any Lynch films before now, but I know a little bit about him, and I’m expecting WTF-ery.

_Mulholland Dr. is a movie about how movies are made and the wonderful glamour of Hollywood. Not really. It’s another neo-noir film, cementing the fact that I have a hard time pinning down what makes thing noir or not. Oh well, I’ll always have music genres. That’s easier than film genres for me.

_Anyways…ummmm…hm. How to…describe it…well…it’s very hard to follow. You spend a lot of time watching these seemingly unrelated plot lines, only to have the carpet pulled from under you and then you’re trying to piece together what everything maybe meant. Yeah, that’s about the long and short of it.

_There’s a thin line between convoluted and confusing. I personally LOVE convoluted. I love tons of different threads in a big mess, but when you follow them, they all start coming together in a beautiful, intricate pattern that astonishes the mind. Then there’s confusing, where you follow the threads, only to find it just leads to a mess. Mulholland Dr. is like…following the threads and finding a blanket. Inside of a giant ball of tangled yarn.

The whole time I was watching, I felt like…something was a little off. Something about the camerawork, or the cinematography…it just didn’t feel like a movie. It felt more like a TV drama. Then I checked online…turns out a large portion of the movie was filmed to be a TV pilot. Go me, yeah!

_Oh, and it turns out there were tits! 18th day was a success!

_Tune in tomorrow as I go Haywire. See you then~


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