Netflix February_day.21 – PLANET OF THE APES (1968)

_Day 21 is upon us, we have hit the drinking age. Let’s get hammered. Actually, I don’t drink. But you can if you want, I’m not gonna stop you~ It’s people’s prerogative, what they do. Also, this totally would’ve been done before midnight, but my internet went out for a while halfway through the movie. Thanks Cox.

_Today, we have Planet of the Apes, a science-fiction piece starring the cop killer himself, Charlton Heston. Oh wait, he didn’t kill cops, he just recited lyrics on the subject. Anyways, he goes off to space with some people for something, goes into suspended animation, then crash lands on a strange planet. It seems deserted, but then they stumble upon a tribe of dumbass humans who are hunted and captured by a bunch of horse riding apes.

_I’d never seen this movie before…holy shit, I had no idea that it was such a scathing commentary on religious fanaticism. “If this human is so smart, then perhaps he can tell us about our sacred scrolls? Maybe he’ll explain why humans don’t have souls? Scoff scoff scoff!” Glad I’m not religious, or else I might’ve thought this movie was mocking me.

_I haven’t seen Soylent Green, but I have seen the ending. I haven’t seen many Heston films, but I hope that he only signed on to do movies that had memorable, dramatic endings where he could yell quotable lines.

_Stop by tomorrow as I enjoy James and the Giant Peach. See you then~



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2 responses to “Netflix February_day.21 – PLANET OF THE APES (1968)

  1. musicMagpie

    Great blog – consider yourself followed…Heston was pretty much known for yelling stuff …. ‘Soylent Green is Peeeooooooooppppplllleeeee!!!!’

    • _hojo

      Why thank you, kind sir~

      I hope every movie of his is like that. Is there a way to replace Hamill in Star Wars with Heston? “It’s not true, damn you! It’s impossible! Noooooooooo!”

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