Netflix February_day.22 – JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (1996)

_The 22nd day, say goodbye to recurring numbers in both digits. Today, we have James and the Giant Peach, a mostly animated feature by Disney, based on the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl. Let’s watch shall we?

…or wait, I just watched it. It had been a while, but I didn’t realize what a biter J.K. Rowling was. A young James Trotter loses his parents, then goes off to live with his horrible aunts, who mistreat him and make him live in the attic. Same thing! Same way how in Harry Potter, his parents were killed by an escaped rhino. And how he escaped them via magical glowing spiral macaroni burrowing into the roots of an old peach tree and making a massive peach capable of sea travel. Shameless rip. Seriously, though, it just stuck me as funny that his name was almost the same as Harry’s dad.

_I love Roald Dahl books. That’s what children’s stories should be: Imaginative, whimsical and simultaneously terrifying. I hate the way kids are coddled. “Boo hoo, kids only need pleasant imagery. The world is good and great.” Fuck that. I’m not saying “Sex and violence out of the womb” but skeleton pirates and giant bugs and shark infested waters are totally ok. Come on, people. What happened to the world where children’s writers could write about strange things like people being killed by runaway rhinos and old ladies getting crushed to death by oversized fruit?

_I love whimsical movies. They make it so people can get their just desserts at the end without question. “James’ aunts treated him like shit? Let’s just mummify them in spider web to a cheering crowd then cart them off.” Not that they didn’t deserve it, they totally did. But I’m imagining a situation like this in the real world. “That guy mistreated his kid! Officer, roll him up in a rug and dump him off a pier!” “With pleasure!”

_I never realized that Jack Skellington totally cameo’s in this movie. Only he’s actually scary looking in this. I think his suit made him seem more approachable in Nightmare.

_Tune in tomorrow, as we go MMA in The Octagon. Wait, it’s not about MMA and is about Chuck Norris? Even better. See you then~


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