Netflix February_day.23 – THE OCTAGON (1980)

“The ninja, unholy masters of terror. No one will admit they still exist. Only one man can stop them.”

“In a world of choices, for one man there is no choice…he must face The Octagon.”

_Those are the taglines for our movie for day 23, The Octagon, starring Chuck Norris. They explain the movie far better than I ever could, because I really have no idea what the movie was about after watching it lol. There were ninjas, to be sure, and…ummmmm…yeah.

This movie, in short, was genius. Chuck Norris fighting ninjas, and between ninja battles, his inner thoughts communicated to the viewer via echo-y whispers, and the movie culminates with Chuck Norris fighting the Asian teacher from the training sequence in the beginning of Gymkata. The best part? I recognized him from his sickle-demonstration. I can’t possibly praise this film enough. Watch it, the end.

_Tune in tomorrow, as I chill with Tiny Furniture. See you then~


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