Netflix February_day.24 – TINY FURNITURE (2010)

_It’s hard trying to come up with decent intros every day. Sometimes it’s easy, mostly it’s hard. I could talk about how I’ve been sick…I’ve been sick. It sucks. Ok, movie time!

_Today is the 24th of February, and our 24th movie is Tiny Furniture, a 2010 independent movie by written, directed and starring Lena Dunham, now most well known for her HBO series Girls. It’s about…directionless-ness. I can relate to that. It sucks.

Though I can relate to feeling like I have a lack of direction, I can’t relate to the main character doing stuff. I mostly wonder “What am I doing? What will I end up being? Who am I?” while sitting around, being lazy and doing nothing. Aura seems to try to find her way by doing random things. That’s not me. Relatability gone!

_You know, it’s not that I don’t get indie movies like this. I do. Kind of. It’s more…they’re not really my bag, you know? I think it’s my personality. Generally, I don’t care for most people. And indie movies like this are about real people in the real world, or at least, the portrayal of these things being able to easily happening in real life and not just in a movie. And since I generally don’t like most real people, I tend to feel kind of blah towards most real characters, leaving me with a kind of “Ehhhhhhhhhhh” feeling towards people in many independent movies like this. That’s alright, though. It’s ok.

_There hasn’t been enough Nicolas Cage this month. Tomorrow, we’ll be Bringing Out the Dead. See you then~


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