Netflix February_day.26 – THE GRADUATE (1967)

_Day 26…wow it seems so sudden that we’re near the end of the month, now. Today, we have Dustin Hoffman’s coming out party, The Graduate. Hoffman plays Benjamin, a fresh college graduate coming back home to live with his parents for the summer, who suddenly finds himself seduced and in an affair with family friend Mrs. Robinson, and then falling in love with her daughter, Elaine Robinson. Hijinks ensue.

_There are some comedies that are plot driven. Like…if you read the script, you would see “Yes, this is clearly a comedy.” Then, there are performance driven comedies, as in…it’s easy to see the movie being a straight drama or romance or any other genre if the actors portrayed the characters differently. That’s The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman’s neurotic and awkward portrayal of Ben is fantastic, as is Anne Bancroft as the seductress, Mrs. Robinson. Seeing the poor guy trying to politely turn down her advances is just…great.

_It’s funny how much of the movie is really kind of totally unacceptable. “Come in, Ben, while I take advantage of your naivety and awkwardness to try to have sex with you.” “Oh man, I fucked up with Elaine. Maybe I’ll get into her good graces with some light stalking!” Seriously, how is it that stalking can seem to romantic in movies? That is totally not ok. The movie basically makes it where Ben’s stalking Elaine is ok because Simon and Garfunkel plays over it.

_Speaking of, I said yesterday that Bringing Out the Dead was like a love affair with the Rolling Stones. Well, I take it all back because this movie showed me what a love affair with a musical act is. The Graduate is like a three-way sex act with the viewer, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. They both even get their names in equal billing with the director and actors and stuff on the movie poster. Holy shit. It’s alright though…S&G are pretty boss. I originally wasn’t going to, but thanks to this movie, I am now planning on going to Scarborough Faire. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

_I should’ve watched it this past weekend for the Oscars, but ’tis still the season. Tomorrow, we’ll find Shakespeare in Love. See you then~


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