Netflix February_day.27 – SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (1998)

Day 27 is here, and with it, we have Shakespeare in Love. Shakespeare in Love stars Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow, and is about a charming romantic comedy beating out Saving Private Ryan at the 1999 Oscars for some reason. Oh wait, the plot? Shakespeare gets involved in a whirlwind affair with a highborn lady who is cross dressing and is the lead actor in his play and is also promised to another nobleman.

_It’s…it’s a cute movie. But…I’m trying to figure out why it swept through awards seasons that year. Good movie, sure. But as far as love stories go, it’s no Casablanca. As far as totally awesomely historically accurate British movies go, it’s no Amadeus. As far as comedies go…it’s not even that humorous. It’s more of a love story than a comedy. Although I did laugh a bit when there were all these British people walking around and then Ben Affleck showed up and was like “S’up, bitches?”

_I wonder if Judi Dench was able to just do whatever she wanted after being made a Dame. Like…she just showed up on set and said “I’m Queen Elizabeth” and nobody could turn her down.

_Like I said, I much preferred Amadeus’ fake ass take on factual events. Shakespeare in Love is just like “Oh, look, Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet based on the events of his steamy affair.” Pish posh. Amadeus being a childish ass who made music by barely trying and his chief rival Antonio Salieri hating and resenting him and blaspheming God for bestowing the gift of song upon him…yeah…yeah, those guys went all the way.

_Tune in tomorrow as we dive into Hard Target. See you then~


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