crafting_Mr. Self-Destruct

_I’ve always considered myself as a creative person. Kind of. A little bit. Maybe. Or…maybe not. “Creativity” implies the creating of that which once wasn’t. To take ink to paper and create a idea which was not and would not be there without your creativity. Well…I suppose I do kind of do that. But I find myself, when I create things, just lifting other people’s ideas. Drawing characters created by other people. Editing images on computers and trying to put my own touch on them. It’s all really just editing. But is it a form of actual creativity, like Aretha Franklin covering Respect and making it her own? I’m not sure…but that’s all shit to answer on another day. This is about a pokemon I made out of clay, told more in pictures than words. Or that’s idea. I might end up plastering words all over the place.

_So…starting out, I opened up my craft drawer and got out my years old clay. As you might imagine…it wasn’t the most flexible thing ever.

It was all kind of like this. You can’t tell from looking at it how stiff and crumbly it was. But it was, trust me.

_So online I went, looking for ways to soften my clay, because even though I have a bunch of clay in a craft drawer, I don’t know simple things like “How to soften hard, dry clay.” So, after a while, I found some a nice, easy way to soften my clay, involving a hot mug of water.

Soften, you fucker.

_Minutes later, I had…a small portion of softened clay, because you can’t soften large chunks of clay with this method. Oh well, many multiples of minutes later, I had a nice, big chunk of softened red clay. The next step…not using up all of my fucking red clay. Easily solvable dilemma.

Looks like this is one plan that won’t be…foiled…

With guts at the ready, I thus failed at creating a perfectly smooth and even sphere. Though If I was trying to make a sculpture of a tomato, I’d have had a rousing success on my hands.

_Obviously, an Electrode does not look like a tomato. He’s 9/20th tomato, 9/20th spherical garlic [works better than spherical egg because eggs aren’t veggies] and 1/10th mischievous grin. So…let’s take care of that extra 55% of tomato I’ve got on my hands.

It looks like a tomato, but it peels like an orange. If an orange was red and silver.

And then it looked like a science diagram of the Earth’s crust, if the Earth was covered in lava. So it’s more like a diagram of the layers of hell. There’s only two. It’s actually kind of pleasant once you get past the fire and lava.

_Many of the next steps weren’t documented, because…it was pretty much just more clay softening and rolling into a ball and what not. So…soften white clay, soften black clay, this happens…

Don’t be fooled by my lo-def phone camera. There’s dust and shit allllllll over the white. I should’ve looked up “How to clean shit off of white clay.”

Heh heh heh. He’s planning some mischief, all right. Like, probably exploding on people. Why would a wild Electrode use Explosion, though? In the games, pokemon will literally live their lives in an eternal coma if you don’t bring them to a pokecenter or feed them a revive. Are power plants just littered with the unconscious bodies of Voltorbs and Electrodes? What a sad thought…

The finished Electrode [He hadn’t been baked yet in that last pic] hanging out with my old friend, Dugtrio. He knows that it’s not a good match-up, type wise, but that’s why they’re friends and not enemies. They also know good scenery when they see it.

_And thus, a clay Electrode was born into this world. And whiteboard Electrode was pleased.


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