The Running Diary: Final Fantasy VIII -1-

_This month, I’m participating in the Backloggery Game Club. The game? Final Fantasy VIII. My memory is terrible…so I’m going to be doing a running diary. It’ll be kind of like a Let’s Play…only less robust. As opposed to being something you can really use to kind of play along with the game, it’ll be more along the lines of a chippy commentary to remind me of various parts of the game as I go through it for the first time in close to a decade.

_Opening scene: FITHOS…LUSEC. …WINOS…VINOSEC. Strings…percussion…more latin…winds. Images: Beach…water…cracked land…flowers…a nameless girl in sky blue unless you read the instruction manual beforehand and saw she was Rinoa, or, like me, you’ve played the game before and you know all of the characters shown in this opening video. I do love Rinoa’s outfit, though. Is it telling that of what I remember of FF8, Rinoa is one of my favorite characters because I love her black and sky blue color scheme?

_So Squall and Seifer are training…how many rivals do that? “We’re unfriendly rivals, and we get together for sword training. We also train using real weapons and not blunt training swords and we aim for the face when our opponent is downed.” Who does that, seriously? Unless Seifer is just so skilled with the gunblade that he can be confident enough to hold back just enough to only scar Squall’s face permanently on purpose, that is totally not cool and you are a straight up bad person, Seifer.

_Quistis being Squall’s teacher seems like total “writing.” “Hey…how many Garden students do we have in the party at the end of the game?” “Ummmm…5 out of 6.” “Wow…that’s a high concentration…let’s lower it a tad…but…how?” “…can we make one of them a teacher?” “A 17 year old teacher? That’s ridiculous!” “How about if we list her as 18?” “Perfect. Fast track this one, boys.” I wonder how dense Squall needs to be to not know she’s into him. Unless he thinks that she couldn’t be into him since student/teacher relationships are taboo. But then he’s also a 17 year old man, and should have read enough hentai by that age to know that that’s hardly a problem. I know I had by then!

_There’s a lot more dialog then I remember there being. People are talking and seem like they have relationships and shit. I’m talking to NPC students around Balamb Garden and they all sound like average everyday students trying to get through high school like they’re trying to establish an atmosphere. I’m looking forward to disc 2, where silly things like scripts and attempts at establishing atmosphere fly out the window. Then again, teenage kids are going about their everyday activities, gossiping about the book club’s funding getting cut when Garden is the place kids go to train to become Sorceress hunters.

_I fail to see why I’d get more points for finishing the fire cave mission with as little time remaining as possible as opposed to just finishing it ASAP. “Good job, Squall…although you could’ve stood to dick around a little more. You better not be that serious about fighting the sorceress in the future!”

_God damn, three BGM’s in and we’re off and running. I love the FF8 soundtrack. It might be my favorite FF score, and it’s definitely my favorite post-cartridge FF score.

_I bet at one point in time, there was a plan for a bunch of car driving in the game. Just tons of driving in cars to go with exposition and characterization.

_”So…we’ve got 3 students here…who to make leader…I know! The one who slashed at his training partner’s face with a real sword less than 12 hours ago!” Seifer then proves he’s definitely fit for leadership when he abandons his subordinates to charge at his enemies lone wolf style.

_Perfect time to mention that it took me 7 hours of game time to get as far as the end of the last paragraph because Triple Triad is awesome. I had the MiniMog and Quistis cards along with 4 pages worth of others cards before I left to fight Ifrit. Triple Triad is just so brilliant…even if a lot of the difficulty is mitigated by simply having overpowering, high level cards. The more I play it, the more I like it…and the only rule on right now is Open! God, I can’t wait for Same and Plus to spread so I can get my Creeps on…wait…that came out…exactly as intended. I really need a real-life TT deck. Or maybe just see if there are still online Triple Triad sites to play with other people. Need to play somewhere with custom decks so I can get in on the FF7 deck action and get a Sephiroth card with values of ASAA.

-Final thoughts for the day- Fujin is probably a beast in the sack~


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