The Running Diary: Final Fantasy VIII -2-

_Welcome back. When we last left off, I had just finished a fantabulous adventure in Dollet, where Garden, the place/corporation that sends out their soldiers for hire on goodwill missions or something, was paid by the citizens to drive out the Galbadian forces. Naturally, they showed their commitment to the task they were paid to preform by sending out couple squads of untested recruits, using the mission as a final exam to try to become actual full-fledged SeeD members. Headmaster Cid, never change.

_So we head back to Balamb to get the test results [That’s how Zell put it, not me. Maybe Zell was waiting to find out if the hot dog girl was pregnant along with his exam score]. Squall, Zell, Selphie and Unnamed SeeD Graduate A all passed with flying colors. Seifer got points docked for abandoning his team and slashing his classmates in the face. Anyways, there’s only one way to celebrate becoming a member of the Anti-Sorceress Suppression Squad, and that’s with a fancy ball.

_In 10,000 years, mankind as we know it might evolve into something totally unrecognizable, possibly not even with physical forms. We might become non-corporeal beings, living is a as-of-now inconceivable fashion, communicating mind-to-mind with one another instantaneously…and even then, the scenario of “Wallflower asked by attractive man/woman to dance, dances clumsily for 30 seconds, followed by a sudden burst of expertly choreographed improvisation dance” will continue to be written and implausibly enjoyed by all.

_I like how Quistis showed up to what looked to be a formal attire event wearing the same clothes she wore that morning as she ventured into a fire cave to fight monsters in.

_A lot of people like to poke fun at Selphie for loving trains so much…I find it kind of adorable. Sure, she might not get much else as far as character development for the rest of the game, but I like the idea that she just enjoys the act of riding on locomotives, and there’s no reasoning given for her love of them. She just does. Selphie loves trains the same way I love my stuffies. We just fuckin’ do.

_…was this really the best way to present Laguna’s story? The whole party mysteriously falling asleep and sharing a dream about him and his buddies in the past? It couldn’t just be a flashback for the player and not the party?

_When the Forest Owl’s are explaining their plan to kidnap the president, shouldn’t Selphie, she of the huge train love, have chimed in explaining that trains don’t work that way? And even then, in the CG scene where it shows their train car speeding up and whatnot…wouldn’t somebody riding in the actual train cars feel the dramatic shifts in speed?

_So Seifer was being held in Balamb Garden for disciplinary reasons…then heard Cid only sent 3 rookie SeeD’s to help his ex-girlfriend Rinoa, got pissed, broke out, and then traveled to Timber presumably by train, seeing how Timber isn’t accessible via land from Balamb. He is tailed by all of one person from Balamb, Quistis, who manages to trail him so close that she reaches the TV studio less than 60 seconds after Seifer, but he was able to elude her on the entire train ride to Timber. Fuck me.

_3 party members walked into a forest, then collapsed on the ground for an extended Laguna segment. Seriously, this was the best they came up with.

Final thoughts for the day– Rinoa has the worst taste in men.


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