Netflix January 2015_day.02 – Airheads (1994)

_The new year has never really been a time when I’ve reflected back upon the events of the last 12 months. I generally tend to go from birthday to birthday. “What did I accomplish in my 24th year of being alive?” and what not. For me…the new year just signifies the uncommon time of the year when the last digit you write when writing down the date changes.

And then other people reflect on what they did over the last 365 days. Which gets me thinking about it too, cause it’s really hard to break from herd mentality sometimes, no matter how aware of it you are and how hard you try.

_Day 2, and up to bat is Airheads. I love those random movies from the 90’s with an inexplicably large amount of name actors on cast. Brenden Fraiser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, Michael McKean, Joe Mantegna, Chris Farley, Judd Nelson, Micheal Richards, Ernie Hudson, Harold Ramis. I mean…this is Airheads. What are all these people doing in this? It’s like when you look at the cast of Tombstone. It’s not just the main guys, but minor roles are all names you recognize too. These movies, man.

_Lol Lone Rangers. Classic.

_This movie is classic 90’s. 1st, demo tape on a quarter inch reel. 2nd, the other copy on cassette. 3rd off, the radio being the only place to break your song. 4th off, Steve Buscemi playing a young rocker. 5th, Adam Sandler doing the same. 6th, Michael McKean definitely being the douchy guy before you even see him do anything cause he has a ponytail.

_These clips of the White Zombie concert remind me of how much more i liked White Zombie more than Rob’s solo work. Not that his solo stuff was bad…he was just way better with the band, man.

_Best part of the movie: “Who’d win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?” “Lemmy.” “NNNN!” “God!” “Bzzzzzz, trick question, Lemmy is God!”

And then Ace of Spades started playing and there was a huge poker playing montage that involved Doyle Brunson getting shot with a machine gun bass played by Lemmy after losing a hand on the river when the ace of spades came up.

OK, that last part didn’t happen, but Lemmy did show up in a cameo. Cause he’s Lemmy.

_Join me tomorrow as we watch Ben Affleck’s cinematic triumph, Reindeer Games. I also heard Charlize Theron gets naked in it. Something for everybody!


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