Netflix January 2015_day.04 – Nosferatu (1922)

_I was thinking about ships. How there are ships that sail on the oceans and ships that sail the stars. Ocean ships seem so…peaceful. The ocean is made of water, we need water to live [But not ocean water cause lol], the waves move and can take you somewhere. Space? It’s just a big empty nothing. Can’t live in it, and it offers up nothing. Once you go in a direction, you’ll just drift that way indefinitely. Nautical themes are romantic…space themes are fucking frightening. My own opinion.

_Today, we have Nosferatu. It’s a super old, widely acclaimed movie, so naturally, I wasn’t expecting to be that into it. Which I wasn’t, but that wasn’t really anybody’s fault. Some people, they review movies and feel it necessary to take shots at people that disagree with them. “Wuhwuhwuh it’s slow paced, so all these OCD kids that can’t stay off their phones for more than 30 seconds at a time won’t have the patience for its complexity!” and that kind of shit. Different strokes for different folks, you know? And sometimes people grow in or out of things. This all said, that it’s tough for me to get into older movies sometimes.

Especially silent films.

Silent film are just…a crazy beast. Everybody acts really dramatic and makes the most over the top expressions and gestures, but that’s because they can’t act with sound. They can’t get anything across with the inflection of their voice. Everything has to be done visually. And it wasn’t like the 1920’s was a time with super hi-definition. Subtlety could be easily missed because the picture wasn’t that sharp. And the cameras weren’t even good enough to be able to pan. All the shots are static. It’s just the times, but it’s hard to go backwards.

_All that said, watching Nosferatu was still interesting. It’s pretty well done for its time. Taken out of context, the exaggerated faces are hilarious. And it’s always neat to see the early days of an artistic medium.

_Plus, I got the idea for a story about NOS-feratu, the Vampire Street Racer.

_And his pal NOS-tradamus, the Street Racing Prophet.

_Come by tomorrow. We’re gonna watch The Aristocats. It has a lot of the old standby Disney voice actors as cats. See you then.


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