Netflix January 2015_day.08 – Nebraska (2013)

_My room has been really messy lately. I feel like this needs to change. Like possibly…I just need to get rid of stuff. Say “Fuck it, into storage with you” or “I am going to put you in the trash.” Easiest way to keep stuff clean is to not have enough stuff to get messy.

For today’s film, we have Nebraska.

_I’ve lived with my dad for a long time. He’s been old for a long time. I know a bit about old people. And this movie. This whole fuckin’ movie? Fucking old people, man.




_This entire movie. Fuckin’ old people doing old people things. Being old. Half listening to anything. Being crotchety. Giving a shit about shit. Not giving a shit about shit.

Old people being talked to. Responding with “What?” “Huh?”

Sounds ridiculous, I know. But this is almost like a documentary of old people. Only it’s fiction.

_I’ll be honest. This movie isn’t for everybody. But me? Just seeing old people doing old people-y things? This movie was hilarious. Or maybe I’m just old now. Enjoy seeing ye olde time black and white movies that get nominated for a bunch of awards. Totally love subdued comedies where all the jokes are “Things you have to think about to get” and shit.

I kid, I kid. But i actually did laugh out loud a bunch during this. Old people doing old people things was hilarious for me.

_But I would be lying if I wasn’t disappointed from the lack of husking corn in the movie. The movie is called Nebraska! Husk some corn!

_Come back tomorrow for what will certainly be a marvelous piece of cinema: Fighting Express Vol. 1: Battle Run. Netflix reviews say the best part of the movie is the cleavage on the front cover. Sounds amazing. See you then.


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