Netflix January 2015_day.09 – Fighting Express Vol.1: Battle Run (2009)

_Writing up these opening paragraphs about what’s on my mind is tough. It’s not because I can’t think of anything, but more because I have a hard time sharing what I’m thinking about with others. Sometimes I type stuff, and I go “…mmmm. No. No, I don’t feel like talking about that.” It’s something…I think I’ve gotten better with through the years, but it’s still my default state of mind.

Today’s cinematic experience is Fighting Express Vol.1: Battle Run.

_Fighting Express is a series of low budget Japanese action movies about an underground delivery company who will do whatever it takes to deliver their packages. They’re kind of like a Japanese A-Team running a courier service. Considering that description, I’m not sure why this was a trilogy of movies and not a TV series. Yuka is the founder and leader of Fighting Express, coordinating the teams movements from a van via GPS and headset communicators. There are three couriers, each one masters of different forms of transportation: BMX bike, skateboard, and parkour.

_Holy shit, these opening credits are so great. It’s a bunch of random action shots with a 1994 filter making everything random shades of bright green and super saturated blue. It’s basically a mid 90’s MTV station identification spot, or STP’s video for Plush.

And the entire movie is blurry. It was made in 2008, but looks like it was shot on a JVC home video cam from the 80’s.

And the subtitles read like they were done using state of the art Babelfish technology. Like “Those people are finding  something that can only be safe if we carry it to the final destination.” Or…the times when they speak for 30 seconds and they don’t subtitle any of it.

And the sweet GPS system that updates the couriers icons to frowny faces when they’re in a fight.

And the big masked bad guy who they built up all movie got taken out faster then the random guy with emo hair who showed up out of nowhere but got menacing music accompanying his entrance.

_As you might expect, this movie is by no means technically good. It’s completely ridiculous, cheaply made, and poorly translated. But if you’re a fan of old school asian cinema, the inane plots of days past and the ridiculously poor translations, this movie should be right up your alley.

_Stop by tomorrow, as we’ll be delving into a subject I know plenty about. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. See you then.


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