Netflix January 2015_day.10 – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

_I’m generally introverted. I like spending a lot of my time alone. I like having my headphones on when I go out. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like being around other people. For me…it’s more that I can only spend so much time truly interacting with others. Sometimes, after a while around people, I just lose the ability to truly care about what the people around me are saying. It’s like “OK, I had fun, but I’m done now, I’ve depleted my interaction energy for now.” I don’t mean to be an ass and ignore people…it just kind of happens. I can effectively interact for a limited time only.

Today, we have Terry Gilliam’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


That was a thing.

…I was considering making that my entire review. As you can see, it’s not.

_I’ve never used non-preseciption drugs. I don’t have any issue with drug users, I’ve just never partaken. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, never shot up anything…so to say that I’m generally clueless when it comes to “What it feels like to trip on acid” is…pretty accurate.

So…this movie basically being “A cinematic 3 day drug bender” makes me go “Hmm. Is this really what it’s like? Take drugs – become fucking nutso”? That was my takeaway. People are crazy. I really have nothing else.

…well, nothing else besides Johnny Depp definitely used some of this performance in Jack Sparrow.

_I also love looking back on box office numbers of cult movies. Fear and Loathing is this big thing…made $10 million in the US. Or Fight Club…$37 mil domestic. Blade Runner made about $30 million. Bloodsport only made $11 mil?! I dunno, maybe these days with Hollywood movie budgets for comedies going over $100, these numbers seem tame compared to how successful they were…but man. Those are hardly “Light up the world” grosses. It’s times like these where I’m thankful for home video. Thank you home video and midnight network movie runs!

_Come by tomorrow, when we’ll be checking out Pain & Gain. See you tomorrow!


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