Netflix January 2015_day.13 – How to Steal a Million (1966)

_I sometimes think back to times when I’ve gotten angry or upset about things. I think about other people, when they get angry or upset about things. They regret those times and they’ll apologize for it and stuff…I don’t really feel that bad about times when I’ve gotten mad about stuff. Yeah, it kind of sucks that I get really pissed off over relatively meaningless things, but as far as feeling emotions? Yeah, I don’t regret feeling emotions. I don’t feel bad about it. Actions taken during those times? I might regret those more.

Netflix January rolls on~ On today’s docket, How to Steal a Million.

_This movie must be the genesis of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A bunch of English actors in full on English accents playing native French.

_Audrey Hepburn might have rocked her pixie cut harder than anybody else in the history of ever. Maybe. Possibly. Which is crazy, because a lot of the time, she didn’t have short pixie hair. She’s just have it all cropped up so tight, it seemed like she had short hair. So she was rolling around with faux pixie cuts and mini-beehives. She actually has the mini-hive in this, but I always think of her as a pixie. Sprinkling lots of magic dust everywhere.

_I wonder if there are real burglars like Peter O’Toole in this…goes around stealing from rich socialites in a three piece suit, make gentlemanly conversation with the residents of the houses he’s burgling, stays at the Ritz, talks his way into Audrey Hepburn driving him home and makes out with her afterwards. Really, since when are criminals handsome and charming…outside of Congress?! Zing! *rimshot* Oh har har, political humor is soooooooo droll!

_It’s pretty neat seeing a heist film like this that only involves two people pulling off the job. Normally, it’s something big and complex, involving tons of moving parts and about 10 different people specializing in different areas to pull it off, like in Ocean’s Eleven or The Italian Job or Fast 5. Here we just have Peter O’Toole basically planning the entire thing himself with just the help of aristocrat Hepburn. It’s neat to see a caper as a straight line rather than a maze. It’s kind of like when you have a gang of protagonist criminals and they get one-upped by some solo jewel thief…and this is seeing the solo guy in action.

_I really liked the chemistry between Hepburn and O’Toole. They’re so cute together.

_Oh, and they didn’t even steal a million. Got no money. Way to lie, movie title!

_Join us tomorrow, as we go back to the movie so good, they rebooted the franchise because they knew they couldn’t top it: Batman & Robin. See you then~


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