Netflix January 2015_day.16 – Equilibrium (2002)

_Feeling much better today. You know, there are pros and cons to drugs…all drugs. Street drugs, I’m good. Asprin? Fuck yeah, man. I’ll pop those pills any time I’m feeling bad. I don’t even care about side effects. Magical pills that can cure headaches? That’s the closest I come to believing that there is a God and that he’s not completely vengeful.

Today, we have the dystopian action film Equilibrium.

_So I type in “dystopia” and Firefox doesn’t recognize the word at all. Gives me a red squiggly saying “Dystopia? That’s not a word!” Come on Mozilla, get with it. I mean, it’s on the Merriam-Webster site. The Merriam-Webster definition is actually kind of vague. I mean, using their terminology, slums could be considered a dystopia. I mean, they fit the definition, but most people wouldn’t consider a movie that takes place in a slum a dystopian thriller or anything.

_I mentioned yesterday that in movies, having a vanity license plate is a sure sign you are a douchebag. Similar to that, if you live in a city where there are PA systems and television screens placed all over the city so the leader can hand down edicts and messages to the entire populous at any given time, then that city is fucked up. Doesn’t matter what the message is. If that system is in place telling everybody to love their fellow man and be true to themselves, doesn’t matter. Your city is fucked up. If you see construction workers start to put up a city-wide speaker system, you know it’s time for an uprising.

_We’re at the point now that when Sean Bean shows up in anything, we just expect him to get killed at some point, right? Like, “Sean Bean dies” is just beyond the point of being a spoiler?

_So, the whole jist of the movie is that the whole society takes these shots that suppress all emotions. Emotions lead to war and violence and shit! The leader of the society, Father, shows up on the jumbotrons all over town, spouting all this shit about “Mankind was always killing each other, then I rolled in and fixed everything!” Never minding the fact that the Clerics, agents tasked with finding works of art that could inspire people to feel stuff and people who have stopped taking their Vulcan drugs, go out everyday and murder people who break the law. “We don’t have murder anymore, except for the mass murders our police force go out and do everyday…but that’s outside city limits. Totally doesn’t count!” Though I guess that’s kind of what makes the whole thing dystopian.

The action scenes are mainly gunkata. And I mean that as in “The movie itself brings up the term ‘gun kata’ and includes a scene of people all practicing gun katas, complete with a training video lauding the technique.” The action scenes are pretty cool, but of course, as with every gunkata movie ever made, it requires you looking past the fact that gunkata is just ridiculous on its face.

_Standout sections of the movie include Christian Bale intimidating people with what would end up becoming his Batman voice and a puppy.

And Sean Bean getting shot in the face dramatically. As Sean Bean is wont to do.

_Tune in tomorrow as we dive into an important historical documentary: History of the Eagles. See ya~

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