Netflix January 2015_day.17 – History of the Eagles (2013)

_I love breakfast. Breakfast foods are awesome. Eggs. Pancakes. Sausage. Hash browns. Toast. So good. It’s all comfort food. I could totally have breakfast foods all day long.

Today’s slate contains a hearty portion of the History of the Eagles.

_The most fantastic parts of this doc is how egotistical and dickish Don Henley and Glenn Frey come off in their interviews. It’s great because this was a fully authorized documentary, meaning both of them saw the final cut and said “I am totally OK with this portrayal of me.” Outright calling themselves leaders of the band? Going on record that they wouldn’t do the reunion unless they both got way more money than the rest of the band cause they had successful solo careers? Throwing the former members completely under the bus and downplaying their importance in the band’s history? Frey recounting multiple stories how someone said some off hand remark and he magically pulled an entire song out of a sentence’s ass? Frey almost coming to blows with Don Felder for basically not caring about politics as much as he did? It’s great.

_The cut on Netflix is actually really long. It originally aired in two parts on Showtime, and this is both, back-to-back. It clocks in at just over 3 hours. Part 1 is mostly about them recording and touring in the 70’s, Part 2 dips a toe in Henley and Frey’s solo work, then goes into the Hell Freezes Over reunion stuff. Part 1 is conceptually more interesting, but the interviews in Part 2 are better, cause it just seems like those are the ones where Henley and Frey go into crotchety old men mode and are like “We’re fucking great songwriters, recognize, bro.”

_The Eagles exist in a strange place in rock history…they’re in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so they were recognized by…somebody for being a “classic” band. They’re a classic rock radio staple and this documentary kind of blew me away by how many Eagles songs I actually knew really well. But they’re not a band that ever comes up when people mention influential rock acts. Then again, that might just be European rock bias. Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, Sabbath, Priest…American rock acts obviously never did shit for shit!

…nah, I like plenty of US outfits. But I’m often weary of people’s opinions on the historical context of American to British/European music. I once saw a music critic dumping all over Pet Sounds, saying that it was a poor Beatles imitation, Brian Wilson was a hack, and the only reason anybody cares about the Beach Boys was because they were American and Americans have never made any records of import. I kind of stopped taking music critics seriously after that and try to keep an eye out for times when American music might be getting the shaft.

…anyways…History of the Eagles. It was OK. Definitely worth a watch if you like Eagles songs.

_Stop by tomorrow as we try to take down a corrupt system with my good buddy, Serpico. I’m joking. I’m not buddies with him. See you then~


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