Netflix January 2015_day.18 – Serpico (1973)

_I’ve been re-bitten by a bug the past couple of months. I’ve been buying more CD’s. Granted, I never fully got into purchasing music digitally, there was just a good chunk of time where I didn’t get many new music CD’s. I’m OK clinging to my outdated physical formats. I don’t mind digital…I just like the tangible feel of stuff taking up space in my room. I like looking inside CD booklets, seeing the artwork, going through linear notes…just the feel of the amount of work that goes into a record that you don’t get from digital music.

Today, we clean up the streets with Serpico.

_So, while I know the general synopsis of the movie, the most I know about this movie is from watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and seeing Charlie going Serpico mode on Frank and Dennis. “Everybody’s a crooked cop!” It’s a pretty apt description.

I looked up the movie poster for Serpico. “Many of his fellow officers considered him the most dangerous man alive – an honest cop.” It could definitely be tightened up, some choice capitalization could be used, but it’s still fantastic.

_Al Pacino’s slow transformation over the course of this movie is great. And by “slow transformation” I mean “Different states of facial hair.” The mustache look is the best, though. It looks a lot like…the one I saw Glenn Frey with during the Eagles doc yesterday, which I really didn’t make enough of a thing about.

_Al Pacino to me is a lot like Charlton Heston. Both very fine actors with range, but I like them the best when they’re just yelling about stuff, be it police corruption, cocaine, liberty statues, family or the food system….trying to come up with more, but it’s not really happening. I’ll just say Serpico was good. I enjoyed it. Recommended. Thumbs up. A righteous romp. Additional generic poster quote.

_Stop by tomorrow, as we stare at a bunch of bright colors in Amelie. See you~


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