Netflix January 2015_day.20 – Moonstruck (1987)

_I’m a terrible viewer of video game streaming. First off, I often dislike sharing my opinions with people, because a lot of the time, people are idiots and don’t even know how to properly discuss opinions. Second, I’m generally really snarky about everything. Third, a lot of streamers aren’t good at video games, and it hurts me to see people be so shitty at games. Fourth, if they are good, I hate watching people reset the first stage of speed runs for 5 hours straight. What can I say, I’m pickier when it comes to watching video games than I am watching movies.

_Today, we’ve been… (We’ve been…) …Moonstruck! Damn, that doesn’t really work cause the syllables are wrong. Oh well, I tried.

_The easiest way to convey to viewers that characters are Italian? Have someone call somebody else paisan. It’s perfect. No other culture uses that term, and nobody has ever tried to appropriate it. Well, as far as I know, nobody has. Maybe crazy East Coast people did, I don’t know. But I’ve never heard a non-Italian use that term, so…yeah. It’s the character equivalent to showing the Statue of Liberty in the background to establish the setting is New York City. Need to establish people are Italian? “Ayyyyyyy paizon!”

_I’m not sure how many Italian-y movies I’ve seen, but this is definitely the most Italian movie I’ve ever watched. More Italian than The Godfather. It seems like the kind of movie that Italian Americans would love. Like…some movies portray people in a stereotypical fashion, and that culture might go “I hate that fucking movie, we like more than spaghetti, God dammit.” This is the movie where you have kind of stereotypical NYC Italians, but it feels like they’d be totally OK with it. “My mudda does that same thing, I luv it!”

That’s just a guess, though. I don’t really know many Italians to ask. I’ll just put all those words in their mouth.

_I don’t have much more to say other than…it was really Italian. It made me imagine Mario and Luigi being super stereotypically Italian, bringing home Peach who probably sounds nasally like Fran Drescher, while the Mario mama makes cannolis and complains how her boys always come over for pasta but never fix her leaky sink, and everybody is super Catholic.

_It was alright, though. But I’ve noticed a lot of older movies have a huge east coast bias. Lots of New York-y people doing New York-y things in movies like Moonstruck or Annie Hall or Serpico or Death Wish or When Harry Met Sally or Muppet Take Manhattan. Not that there are tons of movies that take place in California, but lots of New York movies just seem…really New York-ish. Like “Anybody who’s anybody has been to New York, so they know this is how it is!” Totally don’t, man. I don’t know how it is.

_Stop by tomorrow, as I rewatch the Duras house finally get their comeuppance as a secondary villain in a movie. Star Trek: Generations. See you then~


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