Netflix January 2015_day.21 – Star Trek: Generations (1994)

_As I type this, I’m getting ready for a trip to DC for MAGfest. It’s a Music And Gaming Festival. Hence the name. It’s been a while since I traveled. Even longer traveled for reasons other than family. It’s exciting, but also…I always get nervous when I travel. Not like “Oh man, the plane is gonna crash and I’ll die” kind of nerves…more…I get nervous about losing anything. Like, bring something with, accidentally leave something there, come home. Whatever I leave I’m never getting back. And it scares me. It’s probably a bad sign that I’m that attached to my material possessions that that would be my main worry. But…yeah, it should be fun.

Before all that, though…we have Star Trek: Generations to get through.

_I remember watching this movie as a kid and enjoying it. I was super into TNG, hadn’t really watching any TOS, I got to see the TNG cast being silly on the big screen. It was neat. Now I watch it…I still like it. But I recognize the faults more. This episode is almost too “Two parter”-ish. You could easily condense the first half hour and fifteen minutes of the movie to part 1, ending with Picard going into the Nexus, then boom, part 2 starts. All the shit with the big Saucer section crash can be removed because I don’t even know why the Saucer was crashing in the first place.

_It’s really easy to see why Trek fans would have issues with Generations, really. Kirk gets canonized as getting lost in space, then brought back year in the future to die on some desolate rock with no life on it to help Picard stop Malcolm McDowell, so TOS fans don’t even get to envision a world where Kirk retires, spreads little Kirklings around the galaxy and serves as a figurehead for Starfleet before dying of natural causes. TNG fans go from “One of the best finales and bookends for a series of all time” to “TNG cast in a glorified 2 part episode motion picture.” Either way, it’s kind of a step back.

Good thing: We get to see the Duras sisters get blown up. Serves them right, for being from a house with no honor.

_So Malcolm McDowell knows about the Nexus, as does Guinan…so how does information like the Joy Universe Nexus not spread? How is Soran the only guy trying to enter the infinite happy zone? I mean, sure, blowing up stars, killing millions of people is not something most people would be down with for any reason, but I’m sure more than one guy would be willing to pay that price.

_Really, when you think about it, there are no stakes. Picard fails to stop Soran the first time, Nexus comes and takes them to Happy Land. Picard is able to leave cause he wants to and the Nexus is nice enough to give people what they want. It’s also nice enough to drop him off in whatever place and time he wants. So every time he fails, he’ll get sucked into the Nexus, be able to leave and try again.

Unless he dies. Then he fails. Unless the Nexus is so awesome it can bring people back from the dead.

Picard also has a pretty limited sense of “Time does not exist here, you can go back to any time you want.” Any time and he picks 5 minutes before he left? That’s some damn three dimensional thinking, Picard. Those indians won’t even be there.

_I know I’m gonna be out of town for the next few days, but Netflix January keeps on rolling. Tomorrow, there’s gonna be some Hard Rain. See you then~


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