Netflix January 2015_day.22 – Hard Rain (1998)

_East coast time is lame. I know it’s 9, but yet it’s midnight. Dumb.

What is not dumb is today’s movie, Hard Rain.

_Wow. I don’ even know where to start. Amazing movie. I was actually surprised how was water there was, which is strange…being called Hard Rain and all.

_In the midst of a massive flood, Christian Slater plays Tom, an armored truck guard who’ll do anything to protect the money he’s delivering. Morgan Freeman is the head of a gang of thieves. Yes. Evil Morgan Freeman. I could go further into plot details, but you should be sold right there.

_There are many amazing scenes in this movie. Like when the thieves chase Tom around a flooded high school on jet skis. Jet skis. Indoors. There’s a shootout in a graveyard with people waist deep in water. Morgan Freeman dramatically rises from the water in slow motion dual wielding pistols. Seriously, read that sentence again. Please.Go watch this right now,

_Final thoughts: AAA++++. Also, SSS.

_Tune in tomorrow, as we go on an adventure. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. See you~

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