Netflix January 2015_day.23 – Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)

_Hotel Wi-Fi? An unreliable beast. It causes things to become late. How I can watch an entire Netflix movie on my phone but not be able to get the Wi-Fi to work long enough to connect to post something is beyond me.

Up now…Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

_I love how Peewee is out riding those Tour De France riders with no form whatsoever. It’s not unrealistic, it just shows how hard Peewee is riding.

_So Peewee’s treasured bike gets stolen as he’s buying a new horn from an adorable Tommy Pickles, which is just strange. He then adventures out to the Alamo to find it because…the movie is silly.

_I love how Peewee is portrayed as a man-child, but everybody else is kind of a weirdo. Not as weird as Peewee, but weird. And movie Peewee isn’t quite as charmingly child-like as he is in the children’s show…he’s more like a crazy man. The kind of guy who leaps off a moving train to get away from a singing hobo.

_Tim Burton should watch his old movies. Find the things missing from his recent work. Like giant dinosaurs.

_Big Adventure is such a strange movie, but it’s also one of those great, early Tim Burton movies. It’s like a Tim Burton movie before Burton started making his movies seem like parodies of himself. It’s not a traditional dark comedy or anything, but there’s this sense of something a little…I guess edgier than you’d guess from the cover and the fact that it’s Pee-Wee. Like, a man who always wears a grey suit with a red bow-tie and acts like a kid all the time hisses at gang members in a dark alley like he’s Gollum looking for his precious…which if you think about it, isn’t that far off from the plot of the movie. That scene probably had a huge influence on Peter Jackson.

Maybe if Lord of the Rings was filmed 20 years sooner, Paul Reubens could have been a hobbit.

_Tune in next time for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. See you then~

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