Netflix January 2015_day.26 – Mad Max (1979)

_There’s something about the MAGfest Challenge room that is just addicting. They have all these laptops set up with emulat- they have all of these legitimate consoles with legitimately purchased games set-up, and you start up each game at a designated save and try to complete some kind of challenge. Beat a boss without getting hit, finish a stage in one life, yadda yadda. But doing these challenges is addicting. I think it’s because you’re not playing through entire games. You end up fighting a boss in a shitty game repeatedly. Just playing the same shitty game for an hour. It’s because you know you just need 2 good minutes and not hours. The finish line is always in view. That kind of mentality should be kept in mind in game design. Your game can BE long without it SEEMING long.

Now join me as we venture through…normal ass Australia in Mad Max.

_So, Mad Max is touted as being “Post-apocalyptic.” In this opening scene, it’s more like “Life just sucks, but there hasn’t been an actual apocalypse.” There’s grass and trees and road signs and somebody’s been keeping the pavement in good condition. People just shoot each other with shotguns on the roads out of their shitty cars.


And now there are completely in-tact buildings with finely finished wood, stoves and flowers for decorations! Welcome to the end of days! Does the movie end with 100 atom bombs dropping and laying the groundwork for Beyond Thunderdome, which is where the actual “Nothing but vast desert wastelands and cars with frames made out of tubing” thing comes from? Cause I always heard stuff like “Borderlands is like a video game Mad Max.” Bullshit, everything in Borderlands was made out of sheet metal and plywood. This just looks like…a backwoods hick town. Apparently the south has gone through an apocalypse.

_Holy shit Mel Gibson is so young in this lol. I actually probably wouldn’t have recognizing him if I didn’t know it was Mel Gibson. Well…I would have. But he’s super young looking in this. This was eight years before Lethal Weapon 1. EIGHT YEARS! 15 years before Maverick!

_Speaking of Mel Gibson…you always try to separate the artist from the art. But sometimes, people are just too crazy for you to possibly do it. Like…Mel Gibson goes on these anti-semetic rants and goes around acting like a crazy person and it becomes really hard to watch older movies without thinking about what a crazy man he is. It’s also great, because nobody ever mentions that stuff when people talk about “Why are these star’s selling power fading?” I can’t imagine why Tom Cruise isn’t as huge a name as he was before! It can’t have anything to do with people thinking he’s batshit crazy, can it?

_Pre-Apocalyptic cops Mel Gibson Max and his partner Jim riding around Australia dressed in leather, head to toe. They look extremely heterosexual. Especially that one who was wearing leather pants, shirtless with a black scarf watering plants. The straightest cops imaginable.

_It might just be that I just watched Invasion of the Bee Girls and that had a bunch of topless scenes in it, but this movies just feels like it should have more nudity. More than “none,” anyways.

_So Max isn’t really mad for most of the movie. He’s just kind of a homo-erotic leather bound crazy society cop. Then the crazy gang finally gets his wife/girlfriend/not sure which, and then he gets angry and starts straight faced-ly running people over and blowing them up for five minutes before the movie abruptly ends.


_Stop by next time, as we sort people into one of two categories: The Quick and the Dead. See you later~


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