Netflix January 2015_day.28 – Flashdance (1983)

_I have a friend whose birthday falls on January 28th. It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year. A bunch of my friends and I celebrate by beating as many video games as we manage on the 28th. Not sure how it happened, it just did. Meimiday is a day for beating games. Make sure you celebrate properly~

Up next, we got Flashdance.

_First, let me say that I love that Alex is a dancer by night and a steel worker by day. Not an actress or a waitress or anything…STEEL WORKER. Probably because it’s Pittsburgh.

_I’m not sure if I watched a movie or a series of dance music videos. There are dance numbers with Jessica Beals, who plays Alex, but then dance sequences with her dancer friends for…whatever reason. I guess we’re supposed to give a shit about them because they’re Alex’s work friends or something. I only care because they’re dancing to sweet 80’s synth pop in tight leotards.

I mean, I care because I’m enthralled by their characters or something.

_I’m not sure how I feel about old movies like this where the original actors didn’t do the dance scenes being cleaned up. It just makes it way easier to see that it’s not them dancing. Like, the entire final dance scene is so clearly not Jessica Beals, it’s jarring.

_Anyways, there’s some kind of ridiculous plot stuff about dance auditions and shit. Who cares. We just want to see tight bodies doing hot dance moves.

I mean, plot.

_Join us next time, as we take a journey into Wuxia with House of Flying Daggers. See you~

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