Netflix January 2015_day.31 – The Bad News Bears (1976)

_I’ll admit, I’m guilty of over analyzing myself. Over analyzing my own thoughts and actions. Lots of the things we do, we do without thinking. Lots of the them don’t really have that deep seeded of a reason other than “We wanted to.” But sometimes I think about these things and try to find some root. Last night, I got a soda from Taco Bell, which was flat. A flat, syrupless cherry Pepsi. I tasted it before I’d even left the drive thru. I knew it was fucked. And yet I didn’t ask for them to give me a new soda. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. Just get a soda that they weren’t low on. But I didn’t. I just drove off with my piss water cherry Pepsi and proceeded to continue drinking that cup of garbage, periodically taking sips out of it for another hour. As I sit here and type this, the cup is on my desk, next to my keyboard, still with a little bit of flavorless shit inside of it. I ask myself “What were you doing? Why didn’t you switch out your soda to something that tasted good?”

The only solution I could come up with? I hate myself, and subconsciously, the only way I can properly display my own self loathing is to willfully torture myself with this god awful wrong cherry Pepsi, still full of all of the horrible shit for my body but with none of what makes it enjoyable in the least.

Or I was just lazy and didn’t want to bother the girl working the drive thru. Either one works.

Today, we bid January adieu with The Bad News Bears.

_I love movies like this from the 70’s. Movie where they’re just traditionally un-PC 70’s movies. “Hey, why wouldn’t we have a bunch of little kids swearing and being hard to deal with and dropping racial slurs? Why shouldn’t we have Walter Mathau drinking and smoking while he manages the team and yelling and cursing at little kids?”


_So even in the 70’s, some lawyer sues a Little League to let some kids plays. It’s a 6 team league with full rosters, so he sues them to make a 7th team full of outcast kids. And they’re all horrible at baseball. This being a kids sports movie, they make it to the championship by…getting new, good players on their team while only marginally improving! The lesson here: The best way to improve yourself is to get somebody better to do it!

It actually sounds like a horrible lesson to teach kids, but it’s actually pretty sound advice. If we know our limits, why would you knowingly repeatedly attempt to do things beyond them to the point of futility?

_Look at this nerd kid. He was into the advanced metrics revolution back in ’76! Measuring total foul balls.

_I love this part where little girl Amanda tries to beat Kelly in air hockey to get him to join the team and loses. So she has to go to the Rolling Stones concert with him. What a horrible predicament! Lose a bet and get taken out to see the Stones in their prime! Oh the humanity!

…actually, I’m not a big enough Stones fan to know what’s considered their prime. I’m sorry for lying so brazenly.

_You know I can tell this is a great youth sports movie? Because I fully expect a kid to get beaned in retaliation for sliding spikes up on the girl. Because Mathau had one of his kids lean into a pitch for a HBP.  Because if this movie was re-rated by today’s standard, it would probably be an R for ridiculous reasons. Smoking! Kids drinking beer! Kids swearing! Shield their eyes!

…I mean, I don’t think kids should be smoking or drinking and stuff, but it’d be harsh to give this an R rating. But it probably would come close nowadays. I mean, showing a person visibly smoking is an automatic PG-13 right now. Crazy!

_It’s been a fun month. I feel behind a bit on vacation, but…stuff like this is always gonna happen. I mean really, a full month of being able to put aside the time every day like that? Things are gonna happen. It was also fun having a movie buddy to watch stuff with and do a kind of running commentary on over AIM. Sometimes, the silly thing we talked about ended up in these posts, a lot of the time, I would purposefully avoid it. It feel too much like rehashing. Either way, there was good and bad, laughs and tears. I hope you enjoyed reading my little random thought write-up’s of these movies. I hope you enjoyed any of the movies you may have watched along with me. I really just hope that any of the things I did brought you even the smallest amount of happiness into your life.

As I likely go back to the same sporadic posting pattern I had before, be good. Until next time~


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