Netflix February 2016 – The Prelude

_You know, I really meant to write more in the past year. That has not happened. Funny enough, it’s because I’m left to my own devices. When left to my own devices, my natural instincts of “Nope, not good enough” take over, and I never finish anything. Sometimes, those instincts never get out of the thought stage. “Time to write something…nope, idea not good enough.” It’s a bad habit that has been extremely hard to kick.

_Having said that, for past few years, I’ve semi-kicked off the new year with the sort of annual tradition of Netflix February. “Sort of annual” because I’ve only done it in two of the last three years. Semi-kicked off not because it happens in February near the start of the new year, but because last year, I did it in January, where obviously did kick it off. But that wasn’t really the intention. I like to use January as a kind of chill out month. Then work comes in February.

_An overview, for the uninitiated:

Netflix February is a month where I watch one (1) movie a day available (at the time) on Netflix’s instant streaming service. I came up with the idea when I realized how large my queue (As it was know at the time, now it’s called My List) had grown with movies because all I did was binge watch were TV shows. So I decided “28 days in February, 28 movies to cut from my queue by watching them.” I also decided that giving people an opportunity to join me in my endeavor sounded more fun than just doing it alone. Hence…this.

So…I invite you to join me in my work. Nobody will pay you. Fewer still will care. But know that if you do, you will be part of a community, however small it might be.

_Join me tomorrow was I kick off the month with the kind of movie I feel Netflix is made for: movies whose concepts sound like they never should have been green-lit, yet somehow had big star names attached to the project.

Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman.

“You can’t outrun the thunder.”

Days of Thunder.

That was literally the tagline for this movie. God bless 80’s Hollywood. Even though this came out in 1990. It obviously was in production in the late 80’s.

See you tomorrow.


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