Netflix February 2016_day.01 – Days of Thunder (1990)

_Welcome everyone to the start of Netflix February. The official start, not just the overture I had yesterday. I’ll be honest about it…I was kinda thinking of skipping it this year like I did two years ago. Not that I don’t enjoy it, or writing up stuff is hard, cause these are much more like stream of consciousness writings rather than in-depth write-ups. It’s more the commitment. Not to anybody else, but to myself. I’m willing to let myself down. I’m used to letting myself down…wow, that’s sad. Anyways…my friend who watched almost everything with me last year was really stoked for it this year, though. She gave me the internal spark I needed to do it again this year. Thanks, Cephi.


_In the year past, something wonderful happened on Netflix – they added really corny movie descriptions when you hover over stuff. I’m very glad to be able to copy/paste them as the intros to the movies I watch this year. Most of them are awesome, some are a bit dull, but it’ll make all this easier. For me. Thanks, Netflix. Without further ado…

In the world of NASCAR racing, one driver is on a fast track to glory. His only obstacle? Himself.

We welcome the Days of Thunder.

_The first thing I notice in this movie is that this was back when the NASCAR championship was still the Winston Cup. Back when NASCAR was totally fine with having it’s major trophy sponsored by a cigarette company. I actually don’t have a problem with it, as a non-smoker. It just shows how much things have changed, is all.

_You can’t spin out Richard Petty like that! You son of a bitch, Rowdy Burns, whose name I know cause he has it spelled out on his helmet!

_”If you’re from California, you’re not a yankee. You’re not really anything.” That’s not true, Randy Quaid. It makes you a jackass! ZING! I kid, I kid. I know plenty of people from California that I…can stand. J/K/J/K. I’m just aware of things that annoy me about Californians since there’s a lot more of them on the west coast. Shock. Everybody annoys me though, so it’s fine.

_Cole Trickle is a great race car driver name, but I don’t believe a guy named “Cole Trickle” is from California. I don’t know what state that name would be from, but that name does not feel very California to me.

_It’s hard to watch actual stock car racing if you go in having seen racing movies. You watch a racing movie and you think “Fuck yeah, tradin’ paint, rubbin’ is racing, cars passing each other all the time, lots of lead changes, this shit is exciting!” Then you watch an actual race, and it has all of those moments, only instead of happening in one 5 minute racing montage, it’s spread out over a couple hundred laps and half the day. It’s a bit of a let down. It’s like if your first experience with football was NFL Blitz, and then you watched a game and thought to yourself “Why aren’t they running Da Bomb every other down?”

It’s not really like NFL Blitz, I just wanted to bring up Da Bomb since you probably haven’t thought of it for a long time.

_One of my favorite parts of the movie is during the first racing montage where Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall aren’t getting along, Cruise keeps fucking up and wrecking his car or blowing his engine or melting his tires, and Robert Duvall angrily throws his hat to the ground 3 or 4 times. It’s just great since it’s all within a single 2 minute montage, so it’s just “Hat throw, hat throw, hat throw.” It’s awesome. You know there are a bunch cutting room floor clips of even more hat throws, too. What I would’ve give for those deleted scenes…

_This movie expects me to believe that two drivers racing their first Daytona 500 were battling for the lead in 1990? The first time a rookie won the Daytona 500 was in 2011! GTFO movie, I can only suspend my disbelief so much!

_Could the romantic subplot in this movie be any more tacked on? Yes, it could, but it would be tough. It really feels like Nicole Kidman’s character was originally just going to be Cole and Rowdy’s doctor, then they realized that the movie ran about 10 minutes short, so they quickly crammed in some romance scenes. Or somebody pushed on them to have female speaking role in the movie besides “State Trooper Prostitute.”

_Now excuse me while I never eat at Hardee’s ever again and go drink some refreshing Mello Yello.

_Join us tomorrow where we bring da ruckus. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. See you then~


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