Netflix February 2016_day.04 – Casa de mi Padre (2012)


…despite being el fluento in the language, obviously, that’ll be the extent of me typing Spanish in this. Although I am extremely tempted to run stuff through Babelfish for old times sake.

“A Mexican melodrama with sincere ranchers, a brutal drug lord and a buxom babe. A comic legend in a brand new element.”

Let us visit la Casa de mi Padre.

…it’s the name of the movie, I can’t help it. I didn’t lie at the start.

_So…from what I understand, Casa de mi Padre is a comedy done in the style of telenovelas and Mexican westerns. I know about jack dick about either, so this movie should either be a learning experience or go completely over my head!

_Opening up with credits music by Christina Aguilera? You certainly know a quick way to my heart, movie.

You’d also think with as much of a fan of hers as I am that I’d be able to spell her last name without looking it up. But you’d think wrong. My Spanish game is very weak.

_It’s sometimes hard to go with the flow in this movie. On the one hand, you have cheap looking sets, laughably fake looking animals and models, and glaring inconsistencies from shot to shot. A send up of quickly and cheaply made cinema. Cool, I get it. I’m down with that. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is a damn masterpiece. But when you’re going for that style, it can often times clash with things like…actual good technique habits that are hard to break because you have good people who are competent at their jobs trying to mess up on purpose as opposed to just normal messing up.

Then again, comparing this to Darkplace is a bit harsh. Darkplace was a parody of the type of person who made that type of show, where Casa is more of a send up of a genre. A lot of that complaint is just me kind of expecting something a little off mark.

_So like I said, I know nothing of telenovelas, but I still did overall enjoy the movie. It seems like it’s a parody played straight, where a lot of the jokes aren’t necessarily “Set-up punchline” but more over the top send ups of genre tropes. Characters smoke and drink all the time, like it was some kind of Mexican Mad Men. Backdrops are crudely painted and placed way too close to the actors. 90% of all women in the movie are extremely attractive and show ample cleavage. I get the feeling that if I was more familiar with the genre this movie parodied, I’d have liked it more. Or maybe less. Again…no idea.

_Stop by in approximately 24 hours where we watch the X-Men spin-off, Nightcrawler. Wait, it’s not about the Marvel character and is just Jake Gyllenhaal being a creeper? That’s fine, we’ll watch it anyways! See you~


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