Netflix February 2016_day.05 – Nightcrawler (2014)

_Part of me wants to joke about this movie being named Nightcrawler, and the X-Men character and stuff…but another part of my brain wonders if Marvel and Disney put up a big stink about the name and the character and yadda yadda…or if they didn’t give a shit because Fox owns the movie rights…of if Fox put up a big stink about it. Or if all parties involved didn’t care and actually thought that the movie going public were smart enough to not get this confused with a blue skinned comic character.

lol the idea of counting on the intelligence of the average consumer. Classic.

“A photographer makes his name with crime scene shots. His big mistake: going from shooting crimes to committing them”

Jake Gyllenhaal is Marvel’s Nightcrawler.

_There’s so much fantastic about that Netflix description of this movie. It’s not even that there’s anything wrong, it’s just kind of misleading.

First, he’s a two bit thief who dives into freelance news photography.

Second, it makes it sound like he starts murdering people in cold blood to film their bodies. He mainly just commits obstruction of justice. And psychopathy, thought that’s not really a crime as much as it is a kind of dickish character trait. That’s also not really a word.

Third, “His big mistake”? What mistake? He literally gets away with all of the morally dubious stuff he does it and ends up better than when he started! “Big mistake buddy, now you’ll become successful and there will be no negative repercussions for your actions.”

_I love when the main characters of movies are anti-heroes or just straight up bad people. Ted Chaough from Mad Men is the one guy at the news station that buys all of Jake Gyllenhaal’s clips and he goes “We can’t show this, it looks like you broke in!” “Don’t encourage this, these people have families!” “People don’t want to see grisly death scenes with their breakfast! But in the position of opposing the protagonist, he comes off as a kind of antagonist. It’s just funny when you think about it…”You’ll get what’s coming to you, guy with morals and scruples!”

_What is it about a hard part in the hair that makes guys look super creepy? Pretty much any man can be a child predator for Halloween by just putting a comb up to their ear, and then sliding it over their head to the opposite ear. Doesn’t even matter what you wear, you’d look like you were about to be approached by Chris Hansen.

Although…that sells Jake Gyllenhaal’s look in this movie short. He looks creepy all the time in this, and a lot of the time he doesn’t even have a part in his hair, it’s just slicked back. Or tied into one of the most ridiculous ponytails I’ve ever seen.

_I’m not sure how I feel about this movie. It’s well done…but…as someone who has long tried to figure out my place in the world, movies about how some people can just do morally reprehensible things and be rewarded for it is a reminder that leaves me all “=\”

But at least we got a scintillating car chase scene at the end that was so good, I decided to break out the word “Scintillated” for it.

_After that, I think I need a nice, feel good movie tomorrow. Join me tomorrow for Fatal Attraction. See you then~


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