Netflix February 2016_day.06 – Fatal Attraction (1987)

_You know what the problem with cooking is? The predictive nature of it. Most of the time, I make food because I’m hungry…but when I’m hungry, I don’t want to wait 20 minutes to cook something. I want instant gratification. So to do it properly, you need to cook food beforehand. I’m bad at it. Cooking sometimes feels like taunting yourself with a meal you can’t eat yet. I enjoy the process and the end result, but it’s still frustrating.

“A mysterious woman is crazy about a married man. But when the fling ends, crazy takes on a whole new meaning.”

Let us fall prey to the Fatal Attraction.

_So I don’t know how many total times Michael Douglas played a normal guy who ends up having a steamy affair with dangerous women, but that seemed to be a thing he did in movies for a while. “Oh hey, I’m in Disclosure and I have a new boss. Time to have sex with her.” “Time to investigate this serial murders. Guess I’ll have sex with the prime suspect.” “My wife has been gone for 3 whole hours. Need to get my dick wet.” I know he self diagnosed himself as a sex addict…but I think it’s just his movie roles that are sex addicts. Cause seriously. He can’t stop fucking everybody he meets. In movies.

_So…I mean…without getting into the psychological aspects of it…but man. Michael Douglas in this movie is a happily married man, with a loving family. No dysfunction or anything. His wife goes up to visit her grandparents, Michael Douglas intends to go up after work. But a rain shower and a cup of coffee later…he’s fucking Glenn Close. For the next 2 days! What the hell?! It wasn’t like “I have a happy home, but I got into a heated argument with my wife, and in that passion, I sex’d up this lady.” All it really took was her going “So hey…I’m interested in the D.” And that was that.

Self restraint, Movie Douglas. Gain it, use it.

_I kind of feel bad…within 5 minutes of the movie starting, I thought “That’s really strange that they named their son in the movie Ellen.” Then it turns out she was a girl. Even after I realized it, she still looked like a little boy!

_Lessons learned from Fatal Attraction:

All women who knowingly get involved with married men are certifiable and will ruin all joy in the lives around them.

If you cheat on your wife, you will be stalked, children will be kidnapped, and pets will be cooked.

The easiest way for a couple to get through a tough incident like unfaithfulness is by murdering somebody together.

Some people will accept changing their phone number without any reason from their partner. They just go with the flow.

_Stop by tomorrow where we will actually lighten the mood with Piglet’s Big Movie. See you~


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