Netflix February 2016_day.09 – Lord of War (2005)

_Between watching movies, I’ve been dabbling in watching Clone Wars on Netflix as well. If you’ve never watched it, I can quickly sum it up for you: Anakin is a dick. fin.

“This immigrant wants the American dream. But he settles for being the world’s biggest illegal arms dealer.”

Extend a formulaic greeting to the Lord of War.

_They needed two actors to play Ukrainian arms dealers. When I think of the Ukraine, like anybody, I think of Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto. I just wish that Nicolas Cage tried a Ukrainian accent. Actually, I really wish that his Ukrainian accent was that accent he had in Con Air. Sadly, he doesn’t do an accent in this. It’s just Nic Cage voice.

_Ethan Hawke is in this…he’s an actor who I recognize…I know his name…but man, I haven’t really seen anything he’s been in and couldn’t name you any movie he starred in. He just exists, and I’ve managed to avoid him without trying. I don’t have anything against him…it just is.

_…I don’t have much to say about this. Good performances all around, don’t really have an opinion on the subject of arms dealing. It was OK.

_Our short block of Nic Cage ends tomorrow alongside Gary Sinese. Snake Eyes. See you then~


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